Each of this faiths
offers him a thing which he felt was not there during his spiritual life and
due to this, at no point does he think he has to select a particular religion
against another one. Even though Pi is pleased and also comfortable with his
three religions, leaders of the faiths and his parents are not fascinated when
they hear about his extensive view of religion. But Pi states that he just
wants to love and adore God, “Il just want to love God’ (Martel 69) and
will not select among religions. He finds out about atheism from his biology
teacher, Mr. Kumar. Even though he respected the teacher, he does not feel
satisfied exploring entire concepts of atheism or looking at the way science
hold its singular beauty and not require a deity. For Pi, belief is among the
enjoyable actions of the human life. Living differently is living
statistically. This religious decision occurs before Pi sets a float in a lifeboat
that is occupied with wild zoo animals. This story is meant to make those who
listen to it believe in God.

Religious symbolism often
comes out in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” The Misfit is often a sign of the
anti-christ and is depicted via the reversal of divine features. The Misfit is
bothered by little children, even stating, “Watch them children, Bobby
Lee,” he said. “You know they make me nervous” (O’Connor 642).
Michael O. Bellamy emphasizes that this “set of inversion is consistent
with the Misfit’s entire personality” (Bellamy 200). When the Misfit is
called “a different breed of dog,” this shows the inversion of the
word God itself, and “demonology is based on inverting the sacred”
(O’Connor 643 Blemmy 200). Moreover, “the Misfit is a self-imposed
title,” which is representative of “the figure of that ultimate
misfit of Christian orthodoxy, Satan” (O’Connor 186). The emphasis on the
Misfit’s alienation from society is shown by the symbolism of the true misfit
in Christianity. The rejection of Satan by God can be reversed to say that
Satan rejects God, and thus the Misfit reject religion.

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As the story begins, we see
the way the Grandmother is very preoccupied with all things in the world and
which are superficial. All that she cares about is the way the rest of the
people perceive her. “Her collars plus cuffs were white organdies clipped
with cord, and at her neck, she had pinned a purple spray of cloth violets
comprising a packet. In case of a calamity, anybody seeing her deceased on the
road would realize she was a lady” (O’Connor 413). 


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