E-commerce is the short term for electronic commerce; it refers to any business made over the Internet. Internet commerce means the use of the global Internet for purchasing and selling goods, services, products and it includes after sale support and service. The fact that the Internet can be used at any time and in every environment increased the number of commercial activities made on the internet day by day.

In the near future, any company that wants to stay competitive will have to put a robust online sales strategy in place. ÖRNEK REFERANS: (Tala?, 1998)Shopping has become the fastest-growing use of the Internet. Thanks to the Internet, geographical boundaries are lifted, markets which are the meeting points of sellers and buyers acquired a different dimension, and sellers accepted the whole world as consumers and shifting their commercial activities internet-based systems.

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Rapid growth and extensive marketing on the internet has been a good alternative for consumers who think shopping is boring or time -consuming. The more the number of shoppers on the Internet increased, the more the search for online purchasing behavior of consumers became important. Almost 62 percent of the Internet users reported that the shopping is a primary use of the web. The total number of Internet shoppers has reached more than 20 million, and it is expected to continue growing. For any business consumer behavior is an important factor to consider for their e-commerce website. Many managers and marketers can find it tough to keep sight of the big picture because today’s consumers deal with brands many different communications and sales channels. Today consumers are able to compare various aspects of online products in order to fulfill their commitment to purchase from a particular brand.

Today’s consumers are able to compare various online products so as to fulfill their commitment to purchase from a particular brand. While considering entering into new international markets as a small business, it is important to carry out in-depth market research into consumer behavior and spending habits.In return for the development of Internet commerce, there is a significant increase in the revenue and profitability of major Web-based businesses. To encourage medium and small-sized businesses to grow up large businesses; the e-commerce industry needs to understand its audience better. Specifically, the objective of this study is to identify the e-commerce and determinants of consumer’s behavior and choice for online purchasing decisions.


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