During the boom of the local oil business in Venezuela back in the late 1990s, most high school students aspired to be Petroleum Engineers. Petroleum engineering, indeed, had proven to be a well-paid career, full of benefits, yet I wondered: is this really what I want? Would it be professionally fulfilling? Although I had the opportunity to take that path, I understood that choosing Electronic engineering would likely be the right decision. The Bachelor of Engineering Electronics majoring in Telecommunications, in particular, ideally suited my natural interest in electronic circuits and networking; it would fulfil my professional vocation. After graduating from high school, my most significant accomplishment was completing my Bachelor’s Degree. Every sleepless night seemed to have found justification, clearly, a rewarding moment in my life. It was perhaps too early to discern that the knowledge acquired at university was not going to satisfy my curiosity for very long. Though I could have worked towards a Master’s Degree or an MBA at the time, I decided to gain the hands-on maturity I needed first, by developing the skills I had learnt and had not been able to put into practice. Over the last nine years, I have been working with Ericsson, a Swedish company, a world leader in Networking and Telecommunications. I’ve come across cutting-edge technology and have experienced the functioning of communication at the very heart of the industry: service providers, verticals, and public sector (PSBN). Through the years, I became an expert in mobile packet core networks, circuit switch (voice core) networks, IP/MPLS backbone and End-to-End IMS solutions; however, the abilities gained through work experience are limited and often influenced by market requirement or the employer’s core business.  Sustained exposure to this environment, on the other hand, has given me invaluable practical experience, business insight, and kindled my yearning for further competencies such as the applicability of IoT and wearable computing through 5G networks; it also gave me the confidence to pursue a Master’s Degree.At this point in my professional career, graduate education is not only the next logical step, but it’s also a necessary one. I’ve spent months researching the available options as well as the programs offered by most graduate schools in the GTA; none beats the uniqueness of University of Toronto’s customized Master of Engineering. ECE’s MEng curriculum combined with the ELITE certificate is distinctive and optimum for working professionals seeking to funnel their careers into leadership roles without losing the grasp on technical prowess.I’m particularly interested in two fields of the ECE M.Eng., Communications and Computer Engineering; areas where my job experience and undergraduate education will undoubtedly assist me to complete the program successfully. The array of ELITE courses will help me develop financial acumen, leadership qualities and tools to innovate, whereas the technical sessions will sharpen my practical knowledge about modern mobile technologies as well as cloud computing, an essential component of today’s IT and communications domain. Such competence is critical to the industry, especially at Ericsson, where the management focus has shifted towards cloud-based services, network softwarization and virtualization, Machine-to-Machine communication, and 5G/IoT applications.  My primary goal is to acquire skills in new networking and computing technologies and to expand my comprehension of the fields related to my area of specialization (mobile networks). As a result, the MEng will give me the relevant education to contribute to the technological development of new products and solutions at work; it will also help me step into a technical management position.Besides my career and education, I also enjoy some hobbies, handiwork being one of them. I consider myself an amateur handyman; I can accurately customize household furniture to perform specific applications, IKEA products are my favorites. I’m talented at designing, planning and executing home projects with a minimal margin of error. I like to embrace challenges; the more complex the project is, the more thought I put into making it feasible. I love solving problems efficiently.Music is another of my pastimes. My enthusiasm towards the piano started by watching my mother play at the church every Sunday. Playing from a sheet music is one of the most challenging parts of the learning process, it requires extreme concentration and hand-eye coordination. Despite the fact that I no longer play as often as I used to, mastering a musical instrument taught me that dedication and practice are critical factors for success. I truly look forward to applying the same perseverance and determination to complete this Master’s Degree successfully.Thank you for considering my application.  


I'm Erica!

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