During July 2015 the permanent member of UN security council agreed with Iran
to remove certain international sanction in exchange Iran will not continue its
Nuclear program. The sanctions relief led to Iran receiving billions of dollars in unfrozen
funds and opened its markets back up to many foreign investors. The Nuclear
deal contains to decrease the Uranium stock pile by 98%. It must maintain the Uranium
enrichment upto 3.67%.  Under Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), it
will be limited to installing no more than 5060 centrifuges. Iran agreed to
redesign the Ark reactor so that it cannot produce weapon grade plutonium. Iran is required to allow IAEA inspectors to access any site they
deem suspicious. IAEA will act as the watchdog for the entire deal.

Contents of Nuclear Deal

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During the world war II Iran was invaded by both U.K and soviet Nation. During
1952 Iranian Prime minister Mohammed Mossadeq began to nationalize the Angelo
Iranian oil company which was established by U.K.  The company shared only minor amount of profit
with the Iranian government. American president Truman supported the Iranian
Prime minster and pressed UK to enter into the deal. But during 1953  the Republican President Dwight D.
Eisenhower replaced Democratic President Harry S. Truman. President Dwight D.
Eisenhower carried out joint operation with the British to overthrow
the Iranian Prime Minster  Mohammed Mossadeq
regime and reinstall the monarchy rule under shah which fueled nationalist
movement under the Ayotolla ruhollah khomeini 
during 1979. The Khomeini supporters seized US embassy and held Americans
as their hostages.  The Iranian revolution
made  Ayotolla ruhollah khomeini as the
supreme leader of Iran. Within the year of end of revolution Saddam Hussain
invaded iran and the war went on for next eight years. America supported Iraq
providing money, Technology and weapons. In 1988 U.S military operating in the
gulf committed a atrocity when an Iranian jet line was shot down by the U.S military
killing 290 passenger on board. Ayotolla ruhollah khomeini died on 1989 and Ali
Khamenei became his successor. Although Iran pursed refining uranium from the
1950 but it was not up till mid 2000 Iran step its power to become the nuclear
power under the Iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. Than in 2010 US Israeli
computer worm “stuxnet” Virus attack Iranian nuclear reactor. It causes heavy
damage to Iranian centrifuges in addition united nation approves new sanction
on Iran’s nuclear program. In 2015 new president was elected Hassan Rouhani. Iranian
president appoints Mohammad Javad Zarif as the foreign minister
to negotiate with the west for the nuclear deal. In 2015 under obama admiration
nuclear deal was struck with the Iranian government.


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