During one of the transactions in Dubai, I was leading a $125 Million M&A deal pertaining to a reputed real-estate finance company operating within MENA region though the company during that time wasn’t making any prudent profits however, leading from the front, I devised my strategy from one of the finest quotes by Frank Zappa¬† initially analyzing the fundamentals of the company’s positive aspects and portfolio elaborated that with a profound investment strategic proposal a positive outcome can be deduced.Analyzing the Investment & Acquisition Strategy:Since the company retained portfolios of real-estate assets under the trading and investments’ activities, the market exhibited a non attracting behavior as the current real estate market showed 13% reduction in overall investments. So in order to proceed further a thoroughly devised approach towards the transaction was proposed.

Leading from the front I examined that the company holds prudent assets with other activities approved by the regulators, which can be utilized at the optimum level post acquisition.Keeping this in view, I analyzed that the investors will be able to capitalize on the opportunity for a successful and profitable acquisition. The Investment would provide an opportunity for the investors to be part of this attractive and growing industry with a high potential to succeed, which had delivered high returns in a short period of time as the Company was not been fully focused upon, the preceding year. On the other hand, the origination of other businesses such as asset management, securities and commodity trading has further enhanced the operations, and profits post acquisition.I experienced that every transaction has a score value which has to be examined and researched at a much focused scale. This transaction helped me understand that every PE/VC or private investors examine the business model on a different scale while some customize, implement, and enforce an investment strategy based on their specific needs. For my clients, I have deduced that for every transaction, a comprehensive research with proactive strategy can only layer on enhancements that are maintained by compelling evidence.

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