During 19 long years ofmy life, I’ve inevitably wondered numerous timesthat, are the emotions generated magically out of nowhere or there is some physiologicprocess which depends on an anatomic mechanism inside our complex humanmachinery.

With due time, I got inclined to epigenetics, limbic system,depression and role of antidepressants, molecular neuroscience, pharmacology,etc and on digging in further I got introduced to hippocampal neurogenesis,pathways that modulate neurogenesis, Arc proteins, IID, altering of intermediate metabolism due to immobilizationstress, antagonism of serotonin receptors with help of ketanserin, etc. I’mcurrently doing a research project based on plant immunity and their responses towardsbiotic and abiotic stresses and I often speculate that when these photosyntheticeukaryotes have such defence systems towards various type of stresses, what strikingability the brain of primates and humans, have to learn and remember theemotional significance of diverse stimuli and events. Basically speaking, Iwant to specifically focus on the ways and methodology of increasing theefficiency of administration of antidepressants. I want to research about receptorantagonists with whose mediatory effect we can increase the working and speedof drugs given for the quicker relief of patients.

And what are the behaviouralconsequences, of a certain type of adrenoceptor sensitivity due to antagonist treatments?Being a teenager, I’ve seen children of my age with various mental, emotionaland behavioural disorders due to multiple personal and professional issues. I’vealways wanted to know that how does the intensity of emotions vary from humanto human, and can it be controlled by artificially means from the perspectiveof neurobiology? Do the specific genes directly correlate with the behaviour andMEB disorders of the individual? I want to practically learn and performMicroarray experiments, Chromatin Immunoprecipitation analysis, Western blot,qPCR and at last, statistically analyse my collected data through Student-tdistribution chart. 


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