Due to a wide variety of interests choosing my career was difficult as I enjoy studying all numeracy based subjects but I’ve known since studying A level accounting that it is the best suited discipline for me as it would further develop my numeracy and logical thinking skills as well as continually interesting me as I see it as a very enjoyable subject. Studying mathematics and accounting at A level has helped me to refine my numeracy skills as well as my ability to problem solve.Over a 7 month time period, I worked as an assistant mechanic carrying out MOT tests, general and specific repairs on many different vehicle types around other fully qualified staff. This allowed me to better my social and communication skills, learn the responsibilities that come with being in a working environment and taught me how to be flexible when needed to due to the complexity and large variety of tasks undertaken during work.

At home I like to spend a lot of time with computers thus I’ve been constantly bettering my IT skills, learning how to use different software packages such as Excel which could definitely help me in the use of accounting software suites, for example, Sage. This will allow me to very quickly learn most software suites used in accounting firms which will make the year in industry more rewarding and fulfilling. Most of my spare time is dedicated to nutrition/health and computing. I enjoy learning about the individual hardware parts that make up computers and technological advancements in the field of computing.

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I’ve built computers for myself and for others as a hobby and try to learn as much as I can about the subject to better my understanding of technology.Studying accounting at university will be about the qualification as much as it will be about the experience gained due to the year in industry, which will also better my chances of employability after graduation. I believe that accounting is the best discipline for me due to my enjoyment of studying the subject as well as the amount of prior knowledge of the subject that I would have before starting the course.


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