For along time now, drug and alcohol abuse in the society has been a problem that affects the youth and the society at large. The youth in the society get engaged in abusing substances that they feel all help them forget their problems. This paper highlights the problems of drug abuse and alcohol drinking among the youth in the society. Alcohol is a substance that contains some elements that are bring about physical and psychological changes to an individual. Being a depressant, alcohol affects the nervous system altering the emotions and perceptions of individuals. Many teenager abuse alcohol and other drug substances due to curiosity, the need to feel good and to fit in their different groups.

Drinking alcohol should not be encouraged because it usually affects the health of the youth. It puts their health at a risk. Drinking youth are more likely to engage in irresponsible sexual activities that may result in unexpected pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

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Additionally, teenagers who drink are more likely to get fat while complicating further their health conditions. Moreover, the youth drinking are at a risk of engaging in criminal activities hence being arrested (Cartwright 133). According to the Australian Psychological Society, a drug can be a substance that brings about physical or psychological changes to an individual (2). Youngsters in the in the community take stuffs to increase enjoyment or decrease the sensational or physical pain.

Some of the abused drugs by the youth in the society include marijuana, alcohol, heroine and cocaine. The dangers of drug abuse are the chronic intoxication of the youth that is detrimental to their societies. Much intake of drugs leads to addiction that is indicated by the desire to take the drugs that cannot be resisted. The effect of alcohol and other hard drugs are direct on the central nervous system.

Alcohol and drug abuse is linked to societal practices like, partying, societal events, entertainment, and spirituality. The Australian Psychological Society argues that the choice of a substance is influenced by the particular needs of the substance user (3). However, the effects of drug abuse differ from one individual to another. The abuse of drugs becomes a social problem whenever the users fail to meet some social responsibilities at home, work, or school. This is usually the effect when the substances are used more than they are normally taken. Additionally, when the use of substances is addictive, it leads to social problems (Cartwright 135).


Drug and alcohol abuse among the youth in the society should be discouraged and voided at all costs. The youth are affected and the society is affected. The productive young men and women cannot perform their social duties. One way in which the abuse of drugs and alcohol can be avoided in the society is through engaging the youth in various productive activities. This will reduce their idle time while keeping them busy (Cartwright 134). They will not have enough time for drinking. Additionally, they will have fewer problems to worry about.

They should also be educated and warned about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse both to their health and to the society. Since alcohol and substance abuse is related to increased crime in the society, its reduction will lead to reduced crime rates and economic growth.

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