Over the ages, nations have prospered by legislating appropriate laws which are relevant to their well-being and their population at large. Dream Act is one of those laws which contain the welfare of citizens at heart. Dream Act is an acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (Preston).

The Act is a United States legislative proposal which grants interim permanent residency to some illegal immigrants with acceptable standing moral character. Similarly, it grants immunity to US minors who have graduated from colleges and other institutions of higher learning from deportation (Preston). The writer, in his opinion, views the Dream Act is a legislation whose ratification is long overdue.

US, as a nation has been perceived as a land of opportunity, where various nationalities can converge and achieve their dreams; hence, contributing to the social, political and economic growth of the US. Thus, the Act has aimed at instilling hope for millions of illegal immigrants and the US as a nation both on social and economic grounds.

Amnesty Programme

I think the Dream Act is not a form of an amnesty programme. This is because it involves a thorough check on immigrants so they can benefit from the bill provisions. This process, for example, involves checking the immigrant’s criminal history to determine that he/she is of exceptional moral standing. Because of these processes, it is important to emphasize the bill will safeguard the interests of the United States and its citizens.


The safety of the nation and its citizens is vital towards realizing social, political and economic advantage.

As envisaged in the bill, where an illegal immigrant needs to provide a two year service in the US military, the country will have a stretched pool of military recruits. This will be critical to the US since, presently, the United States faces critical security headaches ranging from terrorism, deploying military servicemen in conflict- prone countries, and supporting peace mission around the world. Hence, I note that the Dream Act will play a significant role in supplementing US military personnel.


I think the act, once passed, the United States will remain the most competitive state in the global economy. This is because, with the right education and enabling environment granted by the bill, an illegal immigrant will be empowered to get involved in activities such as innovation, research and gainful employment. This will eventually expand the economic dexterity of the United States.

As a result the current spending on welfare and other social support programmes in the country will reduce.

More Illegal Immigrants

Despite the many benefits fixed on Dream Act, I believe the act will prompt more illegal immigrants in the US. Many will view that Dream Act is form of honor the American government is exercising. Hence, it will encourage more of them to come to the US importing social burdens such as poverty, criminal acts and putting strain on social welfare programmes.


On education challenges, I think the bill is unfair to American born and legitimate American citizens. These groups have to pay their full tuition fees in state colleges and universities. Hence, the bill will benefit illegal immigrants more than the American born and legitimate American citizens.


Besides, the elements of the act are not clearly illustrated. The bill is numb on people who have already fixed their identities abroad.

Hence, there is a likelihood that the programme will help perpetuate massive fraud. It will encourage the creation of more illegal immigrants and protect more people from deportation.

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