Doricand Corinthian order have a necking which is absent in the Ionic order and. Thecolumn ratio of the Doric order is lower than the other two orders which madeit appear to be shorter and heavier rather than more slender and elegant likethe others. Doric orders columns also consists of Doric drums and are four toeight times its diameter, Ionic`s are nine times its lower diameter andCorinthian`s columns are ten times its diameter.

The presence of base in theother two orders adds to their slenderness whereas Doric order’s columns sit directlyinto the stylobate which adds further to its heavy appearance.  Oneof the well known classical Greek temple is the Parthenon, a Doric peripteraltemple situated in Athens. It was a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, itheld a ritual which is the celebration of Athena`s birthday in Hekatombaion,took place every four years, called the Panathenaic festival. Events such asscarifices, equestrian contest, musical and athletics took place during thistime. The key feature were presentation of prizes from the games and theembroidered, new robes to be presented to the wooden statue of Athena in theErechthion on acropolis, deposited at the alter and scarifices. This ceremonyran across the city all the way to the temple via the Panathenaic way.

 Thesite which the Parthenon is situated is the Acropolis rock, it has been a sitefor temples long before the Parthenon was ordered to be built. The Acropolisrock is seated at the heart of Athens, the settlements built on it was due tothe security feature of this location. Due to its geographical features, theAcropolis rock formed an área which was quite impregnable with only one routethrough the cliffs, yet still within convenient access to the sea. It wasvisible from all directions and overlook the whole city, it was also used fordefensive purposes periodically.

Later years, affected by the politicalelements then it was establised to become a site for the temple. Even thoughthe temple merely was used for worship, the topography of the Acropolis rockmarked it as a special location therefore any architectural buildings must becarefully considered to be placed in a position to fully experience thebenefits of the land and further enhance the home of gods.


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