Do you know the Apple incident that created the theory of gravity? If you’re asking yourself that question then you’re wrong! The real question should be, is it real? You will soon find out… Let’s jump back to January 4, 1643, the birth of Isaac Newton. He was born in Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth in a hamlet in the county of Lincolnshire. He also inspired many, many people including the famous physicist, Albert Einstein.Growing up was very hard for him.

His father died three months before he was born. HIs mother remarried shortly after his birth, she then left Isaac with his grandmother. Issac despised his step-father because he constantly took his mother from him. A few years after, his mother and stepfather had 3 children, one brother and two sisters. He went to school at King’s School, Grantham. His mother was widowed a second time shortly after. When he almost finished his education there, he was removed from school and the reason was not recorded.

A few months later, the school master wanted Newton to finish his education. The schoolmaster said that he felt Newton had something special.Later in his life, he would create one of the most important laws ever. It is called the three laws of motion. The first law is about how every object or thing that isn’t moving and can’t move, won’t move unless a force is applied. The second law is if a net force acts on an object, it will make it go faster.

The third law is about how every action you do has an opposite reaction and an equal one. He also created the calculus algorithm and modern physics. Also another thing is the colour spectrum and the study of white light. Another very big achievement is getting knighted  by Queen Anne on April 16, 1705. He was knighted because of all his accomplishments in math, science and how he revolutionized the worlds of Physics, Science , and Math.He suffered many mental breakdowns as an adult caused by the traumatic events he experienced as a child.

His stepfather who was abusive may have caused some of this. He also became very insecure once he separated from his mother. When he got the autopsy, they found that he had a high amount of Mercury in his system. His childhood may have caused all of these problems.Isaac Newton is an outgoing person for all of his actions. He’s clearly born with a gift because he has invented so many things and he inspired so many people. So the time you’ve been waiting for, the apple theory is a pretty controversial topic for many people. It is about the theory of gravity.

So one day, Newton was outside and an apple fell on him. That got him thinking about how gravity worked. He then spent many years studying how and why it is important and how it can affect us.He taught us how you can’t let anything keep you down, as his childhood always kept him sad.

He taught us how a random little spark in a childish mind can be a planting ground for the future.


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