Do you wonder what is the Executive Branch: Electoral College or what it consist of? A electoral college is a body of people representing the states of the US, who formally cast votes for the election of the president and vice president. The purpose of the electoral college is to help the electors select our President. The steps of the electoral college includes primary election, party nomination, general election, and inauguration. The first step of the electoral college is primary election where the general public can indicate their nomination for a presidential candidate for an upcoming election. The second step of the electoral college is party nomination which each major party will nominate a candidate based on the result of the presidential primary. The third step of the electoral college is general election that takes place on the first Tuesday after the first  Monday in November every 4 years. The last step is an inauguration where the winner has a ceremony and is sworn into office on January 20th.  The electoral college consist of a body of individuals that elect the President and the Vice President of the United States. The number of electors in each state varies because it is equal to the number of members of congress in each state. Total electoral votes is 538 which consist of  435 representatives, 100 senators and 3 electors given to the district of Columbia. In order to win the Presidency at least 270 electoral votes is needed. The purpose of the electoral college is to allow each state an equal voice in the election regardless of the size of the population. One pro of the electoral college is that it directs power to states since the state selects the delegates to the electoral college. One disadvantage/con to the electoral college is that the candidate with the “popular vote” may not win and and another con is that  it  discourages citizens from going to polls to vote because of the feeling that their vote don’t count which results in low voter turnout for presidential elections.                Do I think the electoral college contribute to voter apathy?  Of course I do! For every other election it is determined by the overall vote so why should the presidential election be any different?  I feel the electoral college is the main reason why most registered voters don’t go out and cast their votes during presidential elections. That lack of caring or interest in presidential elections comes from the perception of knowing as a registered voter you cast your ballot but the ultimate decision is determined by the presidential electors. I  believe the Direct Election would be the best option because the popular vote will count.  Also I think  with this option every citizen’s vote will count as oppose to the other options.  Lastly, I believe this option has an exceptional chance to increase voter turnout and put some trust back into government ex. citizens began to think their votes are equal and can make a difference.I feel the electoral college isn’t fair for example Louisiana has a population of over 4.5 million people but you tell me only 8 electoral votes count, now how is that fair?  We should do away with the electoral college and let the people voice determined the outcome of a presidential election.


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