DIY FACE MASKS FORACNEWaking up one fine morning to find a tiny mountain burp outof your skin is the worst thing that can happen to you. When you have to hit aparty and an uninvited visitor decides to find residence on your face isunacceptable.

The remedy to this problem lies in your house! Acne and pimples can be reduced by applying homemade facemasks that have an organic effect over the skin and reduce the root cause ofacne.Some of the best Do It Yourself face masks are – 1.      Oat Meal Mask·        Oat meal in combination with baking soda can dowonders to cure the acne on your skin.·        2:1 ratio of oat meal and baking soda are taken.

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By adding sufficient water, a paste has to be made which can be applied on yourface for an hour or two.·         Rinse theface with lukewarm water after the procedure. 2.      Turmeric facemaskTurmeric is a natural antiseptic and has anti –inflammatoryproperties. It can be used for reducing acne over your skin and increase skinglow.·        Take two spoons of chickpea powder and add halfto one spoon of turmeric powder.

·        Add few drops of lemon and sufficient water tomake a paste. ·        This paste can be applied for an hour and laterwashed with lukewarm water. 3.      Papaya facemaskPapaya has a rejuvenating effect over the skin and helps getrid of the dead cells. It helps in increasing the glow of the skin. ·        Take a fresh papaya and mash it into smoothpaste.

·         Add atablespoon of honey, one side of lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil. ·        Mix all the ingredients and apply a thick layerover the skin.  3.      Turmeric andYogurt maskTurmeric, as previously mentioned, is a natural ingredienthaving anti-inflammatory effect while yogurt helps in creating cooling effectand moisturizes the skin.·        Take two tablespoons of fresh yogurt and add onetablespoon of turmeric to it.

·        Further addition of one tablespoon of honey isoptional.·        Mix all the ingredients and apply to the skin. ·        While removing, apply some water on the driedpaste and massage softly for a short time and wash off with lukewarm water·        Massaging the mask content helps the skin inabsorbing the beneficial content of the mask. 4.      Aloe Vera andTea tree oil maskTea tree oil is a magic ingredient that hasanti-inflammatory effect and can treat skin infections.

Aloe Vera is a naturalanti-microbial and helps in reducing acne spots and dark patches over the skin.·        Take two to three tables of fresh Aloe Vera gel.Readymade Aloe Vera gel can also be taken but fresh gel is preferable.·        Add half tablespoon or less of tea tree oil andmix both the ingredients·        This mask can be left overnight and washed offthe next morning to find fruitful results    5.      Egg White MaskEgg white has the ability to stop the growth of unwantedmicrobes and makes the skin tight.

Along with honey which has moisturizingproperties and lemon that can lighten skin, it is a best component for acnemasks.·        Carefully extract the egg white into a bowl·        Add one tablespoon of lemon and whisk thecontents with a spoon or blender·        One tablespoon of honey is added and whiskedagain·        Apply the preparation as a thick paste over theskin and let it stay for half an hour·        Wash the mask with lukewarm water and wipe theface with a dry towel.  6.      Fuller’s EarthMaskFuller’s earth is capable ofreducing the excess oil release from the skin which usually causes acne. It canbe used by people of all skin types and can have good effect on quality of theskin.·        Take two tablespoons of Fuller’s Earth and addone tablespoon of yogurt to it.·        Add one tablespoon of honey and lemon to thecontent·        Mix the ingredients completely and add water tomake the paste of needed consistency·        Apply it to the skin and let it stay for half anhour·        Wash it with lukewarm water and dry the facewith a towel.

7.      Orange PeelmaskOrange peel is abundant in Citricacid that can do wonders against acne. It is a very simple mask that not onlyhelps in getting rid of acne but also promotes skin rejuvenation.

·        Take two tablespoons of orange peel powder in abowl·        Add one tablespoon of lemon juice·        Add one tablespoon of Fuller’s Earth or Yogurt(on preference and availability) ·        Mix the contents and add water to get paste ofneeded consistency (In case of Fuller’s Earth)·        Apply over the skin and wash it after 15 to 30minutes Cause of acne necessarily need not be due to environmentalpollution. Genetics, stress, infections and other disorders can also be thecause of acne. However, following proper hygiene and healthy diet withoutjunk can help reduce the acne content on the face.Products and cosmetics being used on skin must be checkedbecause improper compatibility between skin cells and ingredients of cosmeticpreparations can cause rashes and profuse acne.

Take care of your skin and keep it hydrated to be bright andhappy. Acne is not a big deal if you start to love your skin and treat it well!  


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