DivergentDivergent is a science fiction-adventure,drama and thriller film created the year 2014. This film was originally a book created by Veronica Roth, the book received good feedback, because of that Summit Entertainment bought the rights to Divergent. The budget to the film was $80 millions and that’s a pretty original amount of money for a film like Divergent. But that was not a problem at all for Summit Entertainment, they had a income at $288 million. The premiere of the film was in 21 of mars 2014 but in Sweden it was the 30 april 2014. The script of the movie was written by Evan Daugherty And Vanessa Taylor and the Producer Was Lucy Fisher, Pouya Shahbazian and Douglas Wick.

The story begins in a advanced Chicago, it seems to be dried up like a desert. A rusty old ship rests on land looks like it’s been there for ages. But if we move on to the rest of the area where inhabitants are walking around wearing uniforms that describes there faction.

Beatrice Prior(Or the action Shailene Woodley) explains briefly about the situation society has been after a great war society was divided into factions to maintain control over the inhabitants.Erudite: Is the intelligent and the most logical thinking people, they dress in a dark color of blue, in today’s society we can link them with politicians or the government. Candor: CAndr is the faction that values the most honest, in today’s society we would compare them with a religion. Candor dress in black and white.Amity: Amity is meant to be for the kind and peaceful. They step up to other factions they dress in yellow and orange.

In today’s society we would compare them with a association that take car of homeless people.Dauntless: The most crazy and fearless go to the faction dauntless they are known for the bravery that they provide for the society. Today we would compare them to Police.Beatrice’s family is apart of the faction abnegation which is a selfless faction and they don’t have that much power to the society the clothes that they were is light grey the things they do is standing up to the other faction which is not really a faction… They are known as the factionless, it’s not really a faction but they sort of count as one, the reason to why they’re factionless is because they failed training.In a room with 16 year olds decide what they will be the rest of their lifes, Beatrice Prior


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