Divergent…….Accomplishments. This one word triggers innumerable responses from innumerable people. Some receiverecognition as the top 50 mathematicians; others initiate their own NGOs through their entrepreneurial skills. In aworld, encompassed around achieving surpassing heights, there is one who has achieved the greatestaccomplishment; “to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you something else.”Life is full of ups and downs, stress, and hassles. People get depressed when they get rejected or hurt but thisperson stands aloof from the crowd, a green apple in a crate of red, and has always been known to have anenergetic and witty nature; he loves to smile.

Smiling is what grounds him; it stabilizes him and makes him feelmore in control of his everyday life. He always reminds me that, despite the fast pace of life, one must alwaysremember to be happy and appreciate the little things in life; at least that’s what helped him overcome times offear, anxiety, and nervousness. Whether it be one of his proud moments or just a show of love, his smile says itall.

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Sometimes, when no words can be spoken, a smile is all that is needed to communicate the message. Thisyoung man’s way of ensuring that the smile stays on the people’s faces is by bringing comfort to their lives. Notonly is this done through small acts of kindness, but the improvements in technology and ingenious inventions thatare revolutionizing the world also play a role in bringing smiles to people.

People around him are becoming engineers as their parents and society want them to be one. However, he isbeing an engineer as he wants to become one. His future goals and endeavors are very important to him. Hedoesn’t want to just be able to say that he graduated college rather achieved his accomplishments as well.Fascinated by the vast jobs robots are able to perform, and the way all these cars around us are designed, he wasconstantly demanding to learn more about how they managed to achieve their functions. His interest wasn’tsatisfied by examining the cars from outside but rather he wanted to know about the intricacies of their structureand design. Not being able to meet the inner complexities of the machines attracted his attention towards the fieldof engineering. Resonating with his ambitious and determined personality, the career of engineering has been setin stone in his mind since the age of six.

People engulf themselves in studies throughout the year, chasing their career. However, this decent geezer hasgot just enough time for his friends, family, and activities. He loves badminton over all other sports. For him,badminton is like a calming game even though he finds himself to be quite good at it. It is actually quite fun to seethe projectile motion of the shuttle coming towards you at an acceleration of 9.81-meters per (second squared),taking wind direction into account and accordingly moving your hand to strike it. Including extra-curricularactivities alongside school work has enabled him to shape into a well-rounded individual rather than a book-worm.Writing has always been a challenge for him.

Understanding complicated literature sometimes gets the best of himbut he has learned through his involvement in sports that quitting never feels as good as conquering your ownfears.Inner self is like a disk of a sunflower; the characteristics and extensions of the head being the petals around it.Pluck out the petals and you are left bare, with no representation of who you are as a whole. This is why he paysheed to the inner self and lets his beliefs harmonize his instincts. He is a paradox.

He is both a product of hisimagination and reality; he is what meets the eye yet also what he aspires and desires to be. He is me.


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