Discussion 1: What do you think of Rick? Why? What are his good qualities? What are his bad qualities? Do you like this character? What was confusing about him? (Your discussion should not be limited to these questions.) Try to be careful of run-ons and pronoun agreement issues.Josh: Rick has many issues with him. He is always confused on what he should be doing with his life.

He doesn’t know what to do with himself. Rick has no sympathy for androids he goes around killing them. A good quality of Rick is in the towards the end he changed from a self centered unempathetic person.  He is wanted to get a real animal instead of having a electric sheep to make him and his wife’s life better.Gabriela: when Josh say that he wants to get a real sheep to make his life easier for him and his wife it shows that he actually cares about her even though she always wants to be in a bad mood, I think this a really nice part of  his personality.

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Katherine: I think that Rick does have sympathy for androids that he kills or he wouldn’t have felt depressed by his job. Also he slept with Rachael, the android who tried to kill him, which shows that he does have sympathy.  Gabriela: I agree with katherine, he seems like he actually cares about the androids and that is why he is having such a hard time making decisions when it comes to them, maybe he seems himself in them. Jess: Adding on, I think Rick is confused about what he wants in life. I think Rick has multiple issues because it seems society is pressuring him. Rick is easily swayed by society’s influence of buying animals.

Rick is determined and driven. I don’t think his intentions are always the best. Katherine: I agree with Jess because throughout the novel, he was really desperate for a real animal.

He was trying to meet society’s standards, so he wouldn’t be judged by other people like Isidore is. Jaelyn : Rick is a character that is shown to be very selfish and unsympathetic in the beginning of the book. He only cares about his job and how much money he gets for retiring androids unlike his wife who constantly shows her dislike for his job and how he just kills without feeling. I didn’t like Rick in the beginning but as the story went on he began to become more aware of his actions affect others and started to not be so one-sided..Josh: I agree with Jaelyn in the beginning of the book he was selfish and unsympathetic but as his character developed and noticed what he was doing to others he changes.Liansty: To be honest, I think that Rick wants his wife to be happy and try his best to make her happy. Like when he bought her the sheep.

He’s annoying but he cares about her.Jess: I agree, he is annoying because he doesn’t seem to care about anything.Josh: I believe the same thing because he works to get her things and wants to cure her depression.Katherine: Rick’s character is abstract. He is very conflicted with what he wants in life. Throughout the novel, Rick goes through internal struggles with who he is as a person. I think that his struggles are caused by his lifestyle and wife, Iran.

He is influenced by the rest of society and needs to meet society’s standards, like Jessica stated. Rick is desperate for an animal, a real animal, not the fake robot sheep that he has. It’s ironic that his job is a bounty hunter who hunts and kills androids, yet he has an animal that is an android. Jess: I think towards the end of the book Rick shows that he an abstract character.  His wife and job contribute to his character. Gabriela: I think this is really true, Rick does shows a different persona  at  the end of the books because he has learn to see things in another perspective.Josh: Adding on at the end of the book he stops killing androids and notices how messed up he is and his wife is very important to him it affects how reacts to things in the world.

Jaelyn : Iran has a lot to do with Rick and his character development throughout the story. I really do believe that their relationship is very toxic and due to that Rick is affected heavily. For example,in the beginning of the book Rick claims that Iran’s constant depression and her lack of liveliness makes him feel as if she doesnt support him. Jess: I agree with Jaelyn because it seems that Iran and Rick have a very standard marriage for the 1960’s.

Rick works while Iran waits at home for him. Iran is stuck being at home and is unhappy with it. Even though the book is placed in 2021, there are still elements of a typical 1960’s marriage.

Katherine: I haven’t thought about Rick and Iran’s marriage the way Jessica did, I didn’t think about the setting of the book, which is more old-fashioned than the year of 2021. I realized that throughout the book, Iran is a stay at home wife, while Rick goes out to work. Josh: Rick cares about his wife a lot he strides to get a real animal to show his social stature. Iran has a lot of impact on Rick he wanted to cure her depression so he get her a animal to make her feel better. Iran to Rick is the most important person to him even when he is unsympathetic to Iran he cares about her alot.Katherine: Rick and Iran do have a toxic relationship. Rick is always trying to make Iran feel better or happier, but Iran pushes him away and is rude about it.

 Jaelyn: I agree with Katherine.with the idea that Iran pushes Rick away alot. I feel that he puts a lot of effort into always trying to please her and in the end she always finds something wrong with his gestures.Jess: I think it’s also society adding onto the toxic relationship of Iran and Rick. The influence of how other people perceive him makes Rick take it out on his marriage. This is outline by Rick not telling anyone he has an electric sheep. Liansty: Rick needs help.

Why you ask? I don’t know. I haven’t read it yet.Gabriela: rick is a very complicated character, he has a lot of conflicts in his life and it seems like most of the time he has a hard time trying to solve them. He is also a hard worker and wants the best for his wife and himself and he is also really clever. I don’t dislike or like this character,  he has some bad things and good things and that is the main reason why he makes me feel confused.Jaelyn : I agree with Gabby on how Rick isn’t a bad person overall. He truly is a complicated character. It seems as if he isn’t sure what he wants in life.

It seems as if he always wants to please others but never hisself. Jess: I agree that he is a complicated character but I don’t think he’s trying to solve problems that will better society just better himself. In the end it only hurts him more. Rick seems unstable towards the end of the novel.Gabriela: what jess says it’s also very true but I don’t think he was doing it with that intention in mind as the main problem, maybe at the beginning but not really the end. Josh: I agree with jess that he is a complicated character and that Rick just keeps hurting himself but I do disagree that in the end of the book he did become better not become more unstable.

Jaelyn : I agree with Josh. Towards the end of the book, Rick seemed to gain a better understanding of how he affected other people. In the beginning he was very selfish but as we went down the line he became more likeable and sympathetic.Discussion 2: Rick’s women– Iran, Rachel, and Luba. What characteristics does each portray? What are your feelings about them? Do you agree or disagree with their actions throughout the text?Jess: Iran portrays a domestic wife. She seems to only complain and wait for Rick to come home.

She seems to only want Rick to come home and make her life better. The opening of the book is Iran waking up and being depressed. I think Iran needs to shut it and not complain as much as she seems to be. Towards the end of the book Iran seems to care more about Rick because she gets the kit for the toad.  Katherine: Adding on to what Jessica said, Iran does seem to care about Rick. Although she doesn’t show her kindness towards him, we see at the end of the novel that she does care. She was worried about Rick’s whereabouts and when he came back home, she made him coffee/tea (I don’t remember which one). She asked him about how he felt and told him to get some rest.

Also when she found out the frog was fake, instead of telling Rick, she bought him a kit for the frog. Jaelyn : I agree with Jess. Iran portrayed the bratty housewife that stayed home and complained about how they gained their income. She would always become depressed and seemed to butt heads with Rick any chance she got. She also seemed very materialistic.

The only time we saw true happiness is when Rick brought her something or finally agreed with her on something.Liansty: Iran is very selfish but at the same time she didn’t like his job. I do agree with you guys but she have feelings for the robots.Josh: I agree with Liansty that Iran is very selfish and doesnt appreciate Rick as much as she should.Katherine: I don’t agree that Iran is selfish. I think that she has a hard time with Rick being a bounty hunter. In the novel, Dick didn’t really explain the backstory to their marriage.

Readers were only shown the toxic relationship that they have in the present, but there is always a story. Something must have happened in the past that caused their relationship to become the way that it is. Liansty: she is because she complain about his job, when she don’t have a job herself, and always set her mood to depression. Rick is trying so hard to make her happy bit she’s over here acting  like a rich girl on money. I feel like her family was rich before the war started.

If you think about it, she seem spoiled like a sour milk.Katherine: I think that Iran struggles with her role in society. Rick being a bounty hunter doesn’t help with the situation. Her anger towards Rick isn’t because she doesn’t love him, I think it’s because Rick doesn’t try to understand her views and doesn’t seem to care about the way she feels. In the beginning of the novel, Rick tries to make Iran feel better by telling her to dial a number, instead of talking and comforting to her. Jess: I disagree with the statement that she is an android. It has been stated multiple times that she’s had whatever tests on her that prove she is not an android.

If she was an android, then Rick and Iran would have never legally been married. Jaelyn : To add on what to Jess said it is very apparent that she has qualities the other androids lacked. For instance, when they found the spider in Johns apartment building the other androids immediately begin to torture and medle with it. Whereas Iran has shown multiple times she has compassion for living things.

Josh: Iran is a very selfish person in the beginning of the book she has depression and wants Rick to better her life but doesn’t do anything by herself to fix it.Gabriela: I think iran showed us who she was from the beginning of the book when she has a discussion with rick about her controlling her moods and giving herself four hours of depression. I didn’t liked this because, even if she had good reasons to be sad, she doesn’t show a good strong personality by doing this and that is something that makes people feel uncomfortable or against the character. Katherine: Luba’s character didn’t have a lot of development. Readers only got to see her when she was in her world of “fame.” We knew that she was an android, but we didn’t know that her helpers, such as the security guard was an android too. With Luba’s character, there is an element of surprise. Jess: I disagree with the statement that she was underdeveloped.

She was developed to have little development, if that makes sense. Her development revolves around her fame. The other androids said that she went into the limelight to help protect herself because it would mean that people would miss her if she was gone. I think Luba might be the smartest out of everyone.Jaelyn : Luba Luft was a character that many readers felt sorry for. She had spent her whole life just wanting to be a real girl ( she confessed this to Rick). Her compassion and sympathy for humans were almost human like instincts and that’s why many felt for her when she was retired.

Jess: I think Rachel is someone who does not want to be messed with. She is used to being in control of the situation. She also seems collected about knowing that she will “die” soon. For an android, Rachel seems to have a lot of power. Rachel is complicated because she knows what she is doing will ruin Rick. She is allowed to walk freely in the world without consequence. I don’t fully understand what she has against him.

 Jaelyn : First off, I hate Rachael. She deceived and tempted Rick into sleeping with her so that he wouldn’t be able to kill any other androids.I feel that was very wrong but also goes to show how far the androids would go to protect their own.

Liansty: She does want to protect her own kind, i agree with you jaelyn.Katherine: I agree with Jaelyn. Rachael is very deceiving and caused Rick to question himself as a person. However, she does tell Rick the truth about her intentions and somewhat shows guilt. She tells him that he can kill her, which he does, but she could’ve easily killed him after telling him. Gabriela: I agree with jaelyn because is just simply wrong to use a person that way but it’s also understandable because who wouldn’t want to protect their own?Jess: I disagree with Gabriela.

I don’t think Rachel is “trying to protect her own”. She only seems to want to mess with Rick. Rachel appears hostile towards Pris and the Bates. They are the same kind and Pris even looks like her, yet she says that she will kill Pris. I think Rachel is jealous of the other androids.

Jaelyn : To add onto Rachael as a character, she seemed to have only been made for the male gaze and to trap him. She confessed after they had sex how men were not able to stop killing after they’ve gotten with her. Discussion 3John Isidore– What do you think of him? What characteristics does he show that make him likable/unlikeable.

Is he as slow as he believes he is? How does he deal with being a chickenhead?Jess: I think Isidore just deals with being slow. He deals with being a chickenhead because he doesn’t remember a time he wasn’t a chickenhead. I think the only reason he deals with being a chickenhead is because society makes him. Society looks down upon Isidore. Isidore is a kind person but naive because of his condition. He realizes that he’s being taken advantage of to some degree. With the androids he realizes it but with his boss he seems oblivious. I don’t think he’s as slow as he believes because he shows empathy.

I do think he is somewhat slow because he can’t hold a job and seems extremely naive to the point where he would believe anyone, even a killer.Katherine: Out of all the characters, Isidore is my favorite. He seems to be the only one who isn’t affected by how society views him. He is the only character that forms his own opinions. I know that he is shy and different from the rest, but he seems pretty normal to me. John could have been a really powerful character in the novel if Dick wanted him to be. He isn’t like the rest of society.

He doesn’t care about having a real animal or being called a chickenhead. He doesn’t allow other people to affect the way that he is.   Gabriela: I agree with Liansty: isn’t he the guy that was left on earth? Jess: Yes, he was left there because of his condition.Katherine: He was left on Earth?? I thought he was isolated from the rest of society, not that he wasn’t even on the same earth. Now I’m confused. Jess: He was left on earth because he failed the IQ test.Liansty: oh yea.

He is soooooooooooooooooo nice. He give the margarine to his new neighbor. To be honest, if i was his neighbor, i would love that gift.Jess: I think you might be confusing the movie with the book.Katherine: I agree that John is really nice.

He allowed strangers to take over his apartment. He was really polite even when all the androids were being rude guests. However, he lets people take advantage of him, which isn’t out of the ordinary, since he is very nice. Despite how everyone treats him, John continues to be kind. Jaelyn : I feel for John.

He just seems to conform to whatever situation he is in. Not worrying about the consequences after. He is a very innocent but also lackadaisy character. It’s almost as if he sees the mistreatment being done to him and still goes along with it. I don’t think he is slow but I do believe he is just a character that doesn’t care and that is one his traits that I don’t like. He just goes along with flow of things and doesn’t ask questions along the way.Katherine: I agree that John doesn’t speak up for himself. He doesn’t have the courage to defend himself against what people say about him.

He just takes it and continues to go on in his life. People shouldn’t care what other people say about them, but in this case, John never defends himself and he should. Jess: I think he doesn’t speak up for himself because he doesn’t know how to speak up. Isidore has been told that he is a chickenhead for sometime. I think he wasn’t taught how to defend himself like other people.

Gabriela: I think John is a  nice person, he thinks he is stupid but he still tries to help and get to know new people, I feel like that shows  lot of character because he knows that the earth is not like it was before but he still tries to make his life as happy as he can and that’s why I think he is one of my favorite characters. Jess: I agree, Isidore does try and find the good in people; even the androids that are taking advantage of him. Discussion 5Buster Friendly and Mercerism How does each create a controlling effect on the population? Are their affects healthy? Why or why not?Jess: Buster Friendly’s name is ironic because he is not friendly. He reveals that Mercerism is fake because he wants to see people in distress. He also pretends to be a human but is an android; something people fear yet the people love him.

I think Mercerism is a coping mechanism for people because of the war. Jaelyn ; Buster Friendly almost seems to be like a coping mechanism for the people left on earth. Take John for example, he is lonely in his building but he confesses that he didn’t feel as alone when the Buster Friendly show came on. It’s almost like the people on earth see Buster as a far away friend that they can learn and relate to.



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