Discussion of the findings and analysis when setagainst the literature review discussed in Chapter 2 will be discussed. Theresearcher strongly believes that the interviews were very successful and veryimportant information was gained. Throughout the interviews, it was clearlystated that the driver induction training program is an important part of thecase company as most of the new drivers are employed only holding an ordinarycar licence and go on to be fully trained to acquire the bus driving licence(PCV). It is important once again to restate the overallaim of this research was to study the effectiveness of the 6 weeks inductiondriver training programme of the Arriva. To measure the level of satisfactionof drivers regarding the induction training and development and to evaluate thedriver induction training programmes and make recommendations on how to improvethe induction training process.The interviews were very successful and importantinformation was gathered and a total of 30 drivers were interviewed and therespondents were very comfortable to discuss all the questions asked.

The datacollected provided important insight into the complexity of subject underresearch and the analysis defined the findings relating to the effectiveness ofthe 6 weeks induction driver training programme for new drivers for the casecompany. However, the literature review provided a wide range of issues such ascustomer satisfaction; organisational culture; company reputation, complianceand productivity which are key issues that are essential in implementingoperational goals of an organisation only if employees are well trained,friendly and helpful.The major findings noted in this research are thatthe 6 weeks driver induction training is not adequate enough to help newdrivers understand their job responsibilities and performance standard. Thedata analysis indicates that there are too many things to cover that requiresmore time of up to 8 weeks for an effective training programme that can deliverand meet the expected goals. The induction training often reflects the valuesof a company and can strengthen the competitive advantage and decreasesemployee turnover, it is essential that Arriva invest in training facilities andcreate a clear image of the company’s operational goals. This research has demonstrated that there is a gapbetween what the new employees need and what is implemented within the stipulatedtime scale. Foot and Hook (2008) argues that induction is an important part of internal operations that affectthe public image as well as creating a feeling that employees are expected andwelcomed in the organisation. Furthermore, this research has established thatthe respondents were all unanimous on the importance of induction training.

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Therespondents agreed that the facilities under which the induction is deliveredare fairly suitable but only too many things to cover in a very short period oftime.   Chapter66.0Recommendations·        The procedure of introducing newemployees should be greatly improved as most of Arriva employees felt that it wasdone in average terms to allow new employees fully recognise all appropriatepeople. This procedure must be done properly in order to allow the newemployees settle quickly and if they have any questions, they may be able totalk to the right people.·        The company must be deeply committed todeveloping a strong training culture in which every employee joining thecompany is able to gain their full potential and as a result will increase jobsatisfaction and support career development.

The commitment should provideexcellent training and development opportunities for staff which may enable thecompany to meet their operational and strategic objectives and as well asindividual aspirations and needs ·        The training must provide moresimplified information that is easy to understand to help new employees towardsunderstanding the job, responsibilities and performance standard as some of theemployees raised some concerns during the interviews. ·        Arriva should use a questionnaire as ameans of evaluating the training programme as most employees agreed that it isthe most favourable way.  ·        Arriva should seriously considerextending the duration of induction/driver training to 8 weeks as mostemployees feel that would allow all aspect of the training to be understoodwell.  ·        The induction/driver training programme havetoo many things to cover in short time and too much interference, therefore itmust be restructured in order to deliver quality training. The company must beaware of the resources, including time and effective use of internal expertisethat help to achieve its goals and objective. ·        The training place itself must bereorganised in order to deliver a successful training that meet the expectationof the company and employees. The company must be committed to ensuring thatall its staff are provided with the necessary training they need in order toperform their job safely at all the time. ·        Arriva must address and increaseopportunities to grow and prosper within the company as most employeesconfirmed that there are very limited.

 ·        The company must ensure that thetraining and development programme is developed, managed and delivered with dueregard to fairness. 6.1ConclusionThe research has been a success as it has met the aimsand objectives which were set from chapter one. Most importantly, this researchhas given Arriva an insight on how effective their 6 weeks induction/drivertraining programme is and the company should consider extending it.

Nowadays,it understandably that cost saving measures must be implemented but investmentin good induction training will always yield positive result in the long termand increase customer satisfaction as well trained employees perform better andare always more likely serve customers in a desired way.In general, induction has a huge effect on thequality of customer service provided by an organisation and only well trainedemployees with relevant information may deliver excellent and quality customerservice. Well excuted induction training can significantly satisfy employeeslearning of the company’s goals and vision. It can further have a positive effecton employee turnover as employees are well oriented and they are more likely tostay with the organisation for a longer time. The case company has a largeservice range and therefore its employees need a considerable amount ofinformation for delivering a credible and quality customer service.  


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