This advertisement use a slogan with a pun technique on point. It use picture to highlight the sentence which is eye catching and original. This is the advertisement for the insurance company which give the viewer secure feeling. The target audience is adult and people who have family.I would place this advertisement in business newspaper and magazine. ” World cruise $7.25″ This is the advertisement for newspaper .

It use graphological trick and clever use of language. This advertisement use visual image which is eyes catching. The target is newspaper readers.I would place this advertisement in billboard and poster because it is easy to see.” Sorry, No McDonalds”  This advertisement use minor sentence, stress , colloquialism technique. It use easy slogan. It also make people think about holiday.

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The target is high income people. I would place this advertisement in high quality magazine or billboard. “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY” This advertisement is the advertise of Hershey chocolate.

It use Colloquialism technique , Graphological thick. It means that when there’s a problem this can save you. After you eat this you will be happy. The target is everyone especially women.I would place this in Billboard or poster because people can read it quickly.

 “One of our best ideas is a lot of hot air” This is an advertisement for heater. It use pun technique on the word hot air and it is also rhyme. The target is from teenager until older people. I would place this in magazine or daily newspaper because it has a lot of discribtion that people have to read. “Frequent fryer” This product is bacon.

It focus on consonant sound. It want people to think that it is very delicious if you buy it you will fry a lot. The target is teenager until older people.I would place this advertisement in poster or billboard because it is easy to understand. “Some products ask you to swallow a lot” This advertisement is for vitamin. It use emotive and pun on the word swallow which make you feel relive. The target of this product is adult.

 I would place this advertisement in a magazine or newspaper because you need to read in order to understand. “SMOOTH AS SILK” This is an advertisement for an airline. It use simile , graphological trick and alitilation technique. It compare the smoothness of silk to a smooth flight when you fly with this airline .

The target group is mostly an adult and people who like to travel.I would place this advertisement in magazines or newspaper because it has many information to read. “Look closely and you can see the scars” This advertisement is for the committee for prevention of child abuse. It use connotation and impairative.

It gives people a serious emotion because scars is a bad thing.The target group is parents and adult. I would place this advertisement in a newspaper or magazine.

“Nothing tops the English like the Danish” This is an advertisement for butter. It has rhyme and pun technique.This butter come from Denmark same with the company name ‘Danish’. The target group is usually women.

 I would place this advertisement in poster or billboard because picture catched the eyes and the words are easy to understand.


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