Digital marketing tends to be an enormous growth from the small area. Since we are in the growing or independent country were as small things to be exposed and to be marketed in such a way that every single user will use and know about it. The mobile we use, the laptop we surf, watches, pc’s printers etc. will come across digital marketing. The main motive of digital marketing is advertising the products attractively across the users by the main motive of more attractive contents. The digital marketing was developing from 1990’s and 2000’s. Every single thing is automated and digitized across our Growing nation.

            The digital marketing motivation is to advertise the products and everything must be automated all over. It will reduce the human effort and reduces the work pressure. It will do everything automatically. For example, whenever the time runs the mobile or lights must be turned on/off even when human forgets. This is an example of automatic device where as it must be made familiar by the digitized advertisements in such a way that everyone will be knowing the purpose of the thing which is be made familiar. The main motive of digital marketing is to be passionate about the company by its popularity.

            The knock and corner of the company is being familiarized by the advertisement done by the company the purpose of the company which is being done in marketing

            In other words, the digital marketing, digital means to be highly impressive by its appearance by all the functionalities.  Other case marketing means to be sold to make the product familiar and available all over.

            The key motive of digital marketing extends from the Internet marketing, for example One of the successful running marketing area is Pizza Hut where it allows the people to choose their own topping and make it available to the shop where they get delivered to home On Time without any restrictions. One more example is The Apple mobile I ‘phones where as it is being taken survey and to know the need of the user and being digitized and improved a lot from the basis and all the options are being available. These two examples will be more enough to say about digital marketing where every need is to be satisfied from the basic till the end user.

            Digital marketing will increase in financial areas too, as said from Internet marketing.




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