Did you know in Quechua, things are said with more feelings, with more depth, when one speaks of people who fought for the independence of Peru? Quechua is a beautiful language with many quirky sounds. It continues to be a major staple in South America as it was spread many years ago to different regions of the continent.

In this paper, I am going to share with you information on countries that speak this language, trade using Quechua, Quechua statistics, the government in which Quechua is used, linguistics and how Quechua is becoming a dying language. There are three countries that speak quechua one of the countries is Bolivia the second one is ecuador and the third is peru they all speak the same language which makes it easier to speak to each other but they are so far away from each other they rarely speak.The trade is usually between bolivia and peru these countries are the main ones that trade with each other they trade anything with each other. There are 19% percent of people that speak this language because the language is dying, soon quechua will not be a language because they will be speaking a different language and the language will be extinct forever and then eventually it will be founded again.The government has a new constitution  but i really don’t know how it works,anyways there was a plane crash which everyone was terrified about because people could have died which could decrease the quechua language population.The quechua language came from a Inca empire in south america which became a populated language then soon it began decreasing,the language is from a roman alphabet and it always has been for a long time and it will probably stay the same until we die. Quechua is somewhat of a dying language but its is widely spoken there is a good amount of people that speak this language still there are 8-10 million that still speak this language and 7.

7 million out of group that speak quechua still.From here to the end is going to be out of order its talking about the countries and where its is located.Bolivia factsAlternate names-Central Bolivian Quechua, Cochabamba Quechua, Quechua BolivianoPopulation-1,610,000 (2014 UNSD). Total users in all countries: 1,615,120.LocationCochabamba, Chuquisaca, Oruro departments; La Paz department: except Franz Tamayo, Apolo area; mainly Potosí department; Tarija department.Language MapsArgentina and ChileBoliviaLanguage Status5 (Developing).

Recognized language (2009, Constitution, Article 5(1)).ClassificationQuechuan, Peripheral Quechua, Chinchay, Southern ChinchayDialectsSucre, Cochabamba, Oruro, Potosí, Chuquisaca, Northwest Jujuy. A member of macrolanguage Quechua .TypologySOV.Language DevelopmentDictionary.

Bible: 1986–1993.Language ResourcesOLAC resources in and about Quechua, South BolivianWritingLatin script Other CommentsTraditional religion, Christian.


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