Diarrhea & vominting in pets is a common diease. Intestinal and gastro abnormalties is the main cause of this disease. This disease may be caused by simply eating an un healthy thing such as a spiled food, garbage etc. This coomon disease occurs sudden and remain for the short interval of time in most cases. But it may lasts for more time as according to the nature. If the Presense diarrhea and vomiting in pets remains in pets for more the one day this will cause Dehydration (lack of water in the body).Diarrhea and vomiting:Vominting occurs due to the irregularties or inflamation or irritation in the stomach and in small intestine, this is a natural and mostly an invouletry process. You being a humen experience vominting in your life, how its effect. While Diarrhea is a disease which occur by irregularities or inflamation or irritation anywhere in the digestional tract.Causes due to which Diarrhea & Vomiting Occur?Diarrhea and vomiting may occur due to much reasons, some of them are described below,Must ask the vet before changing the food of your pet. some of pet food may have bad effects on the pet health.undertaking of garbage and spoiled food is major issue relting to this disease.Taking toxic and poisend things can cause serious illnessdiarrhea and vomit may be an allergic reaction.The pets having kidney or liver disease are at more danger to be effected by the diarrhea and vomiting.Inflamation like Colitis may be a cause to this disease.HGE (Hemmorhagic gastroenteritis) may be a cause alsoany of the infection cused by the bacteria or any of the virus may resulat this diseasePresence of the worms in the pets may cause this disease, worms can be round worms, giardia, coccidia etcSymptoms or Identification for Diarrhea and Vominting There are number of ways by which diarrhea can be identified some of them are given below,More liquid Feces.Dehydration which means lack of water in the body, in most cases if it remains more then one dayFever is a quiet suitabel reason for the diarrheaLaziness or Lethargy that means your pets will lack of energy and slow downLoss of appetite that means pet will have less wish to eatDiarrhea may results in Sudden weight lossIf the feces of your pet looks black, that means there will be an internal bleeding, such as in stomach of that pet. ths kind of diarrhea is known as black diarrhea.There is an other type of diarrhea which can also be examined by the feces of the pet, If the feces of your pet contauins more moisture, that means the colon which is functioned to aborb the water from the food is effected, this is also a type of diarrhea.If the feces contains red Streaks, that indicates, digestive system is slow may be due the slow function of both colon or rectumContact your veterinarian Immediately  if the pet show any of the above situation like weight loss, watered or moisture stool, loss of apetite etc. this may keep your pet away from any serious illness.Precaution From the Diarrhea and vomitingdiarrhea and vomiting can precautioned by the following measures,Keep eye on your pet that he will not take any garbage or any other spoil thinggive excessive amount waterPeriodically visit the veterinarianGive Complete course of vaccine to pets.Keep your pet clean and free from any parasiteDon’t give stress upon your pet, provide a peaceful envoirment to himTreatment or remedies to this diseaseVominting and diarehea occur for short interval of time like for one or two days, it can be cure by just a visit to doctor, doctor will give the best advise to cure. As you know your pet can not talk, so be in touch with veterinarian to know about more things about your beloved pet. 


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