Despite various research on rural-urban migration and integration in Nigeria, it has  continued to be a recurring decimal in the equation of the region’s socio-economic. Without any doubt, the phenomenon of accelerated rural-urban migrtaion has been the principal cause of both the high rates of urban population growth and the rising level of urban unemployment.

Since migrants comprise the majority of the urban labour force in Nigeria especially cities like Lagos, the magnitude of rural-urban migration has been and will continue to be the principal determinant of supply of new job seekers and integration. If migration is the sole determinant of the supply of urban labor force, then the migration and integration process must be understood, the nature, and its causes can be better appreciated.

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Much of the studies on migration and integration have been focused on economic or educational push or pull factors but have largely neglected some socio-cultural factors that might be a strong influence on migrants. Upon all the frustration the urban cities offer the migrants, the rural people kept on coming into the cities. It is understood that people have good reasons to try to get away from poverty, underemployment, a general lack of opportunities, or in extreme cases famine or violence or natural disasters. In another way, people are lured by the opportunities the urban cities offer, at least in principle. Some migrate for the reasons of better education, health, social services, living standard

He was of the view that rural people move to urban areas because few secondary schools and facilities for technical trainings exist outside the country sides and government offices and business establishments are also located there. The urban residence becomes essential for the educated class in general and to those who are loking for advancement, especially in white collar forms of employment. The diversification of the economy has encouraged migration to the urban cities. This according to him, gave monetary value to land, which meant among some peoples that the older men were no longer prepared traditionally, to relinquish their rights in favor of the younger generation and so the latter were obliged to move in search of opportunities else where.


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