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;Trompenaars, unlike Hofstede, also included a dimension dealing with the attitude of people to the natural environment. Aspects of Trompenaars approach address some of the criticisms of Hofstede’s model which are discussed in the next section. 3. Shortcomings of the Dimensional Approach to the Analysis of Cultures Criticism of the dimensional approach is based on

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As of today, world’s demographic realities are characterized by an unprecedented growth of planet’s population, which during the course of last century had assumed exponential subtleties. Whereas; through the years 1800-1900 world’s population has grown by 600 million, thus – reaching 1.6 billion by the beginning of 20th century, during the course of first half

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Ever since Zack Snyder’s film 300 was released to the movie theaters in 2007, it almost immediately fell under bombardment of strongly negative movie-reviews. For example, in his review of 300, Smith (2007) have gone as far as accusing director of being a Nazi: “It isn’t a stretch to imagine Adolf’s boys at a “300”

The term alt-right is by many believed

 The alt-right movement The alternative right movement is a far-right movement that is made up of agroup of loosely aligned communities who are against multiculturalism, socialjustice movements, immigration and political correctness. They embrace center-rightideology’s and they also have traits of nationalism. The movement mostlyconsist of young white men who see political correctness as a threat to

Lately, people have started to talk about

Lately, people have started to talk about the issue of racism in Korea. However, some apologists of racism try to explain the issue away by saying that Koreans are ethnocentric and so everyone should be more understanding of some of Koreans’ behavior towards those who are different. Foreigners living in the country may have experienced

As the Middle East.Dr.George Friedman in his book

As we concluded above , identity is not just a concept but rather a process. A process which depend on globalisation, multiculturalism and integration. European identity is very complicated concept,however, when it comes to practice it becomes even more complex, as the word “European” used to be associated with peace, understanding and common values.But, unfortunately,

One is, I believe that the actual

One of the reasons why it is crucially important for just about any well-educated individual to possess a comprehensive worldview is that it enables such an individual to understand the significance of the surrounding reality’s emanations, which in turn increases his or her chances to attain social prominence. In my paper, I will aim to


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