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On Monday, 22nd of September 2003, an exhibition on cultural diversity was held. Cultural diversity consists of subculture, high culture, popular culture and counter culture. Popular culture is a cultural pattern that is being practised and spread widely among a society’s population. Popular culture actually makes everyone in that particular society to have something in

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 Some employee may appeals ethnocentrism, ethnocentrism is the belief that one’s native country, language, and modes of behavior are superior to all others, has its roots in the dawn of civilizations. Kreitner ; Kinicki (2001, pp. 109). This situation often occurs when company or employee from countries, which is technical advanced, or high GDP, such

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Canada is a largecountry with small population. Canadians are proud of their citizenship becauseCanada is a peaceful nation. Canadians laws are based on their democraticvalues so Canadians values include equality, respect for cultural differences, freedom,peace, laws etc. As a student they are proud that many cultural and ethnicgroups live and work here in harmony so

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Introduction The United States government is putting virtually all security strategies and machinery on alert due to the continual threats of the terrorists to attack the country and its citizens all over the world. Following claims of responsibility on attacks and threats from the Islamic extremists such as Al Qaeda and Al shabaab, Islamic countries

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Introduction Culture has had many different definitions but it is generally “the way of life of a group of people” (Gollnick & Chinn, 2008, p. 3). Cultural diversity in schools has been on the increase due to the many students from different races that have their own distinct culture. The education process thus takes the

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Classrooms and Learning According to York (2003) multicultural education is not only appropriate but necessary for children from very early age. Children see the existing differences and form their own viewpoint basing on adults’ reactions and behavior. Thus, it is essential to make young pupils understand that these differences are normal. To develop unbiased perception,

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One of the most important purposes of any educational process is to encourage students to learn languages and improve their level of knowledge. The necessity to choose languages for studies in Australia undergoes considerable changes and challenges since the latter part of the 21st century. English is the language spoken by the vast majority of

LIBRARY together (TPB) Padjadjaran University Compiled By: EKA

LIBRARY AS A LEARNING HOUSE TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OFEDUCATION IN THE COMMUNITY Submitted to fulfill the task of preparation phasetogether (TPB)Padjadjaran University  Compiled By:EKA MAULIDYA CAHYANI220110170249       PADJADJARAN UNIVERSITYPSDKUFACULTY OF NURSINGPANGANDARAN2018THE PREFACEPraisebe to God Almighty for His blessings and grace so that I can complete the taskof creating this paper. Sources in the preparation of this paper comes

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“TheCase for Contamination” Many people who advocate for the preservation ofcultures are establishing a disservice to the progress of women’s rights.Article Two of the UNESCO Convention (2005), for example, talks about the”principle of equal dignity of and respect for all cultures.” While this mayseem like a humane position on the importance of cultural diversity it

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Recently the United States has beenundergoing dramatic changes in their population demographics. As thedemographics evolve in the US, so do the qualifications necessary for Speech LanguagePathologists to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. We must prepare theSpeech Language Pathologists of the future to accommodate for diversity byteaching them to be culturally aware, to be motivated

In the sense of human rights for women.

 In the article “The Case for Contamination”Many people who advocate for the preservation of cultures are establishing adisservice to the progress of women’s rights. Kwame analyzes the many ways howthe world is becoming more and more globalized. “Contamination” is his definitionis all of the new innovative values and traditions that’re destroying what ourancestors left behind

Over issues of diversity, culture, language, sensitivity and

Over thelast few decades, population mobility and movement from one country to another hasresulted in linguistic and cultural diversity being much more visible.  Many European countries having in recentdecades welcomed moderate population migrations, now have an increasinglymulticultural populace (Dobbernack & Modood, 2011; Turton & Gon?alez, 2000).This increase in visibility has, for many, been seen as


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