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Kalyani Avhad1, Kanchan Avhad2,Gayatri Bhosale3, Kamini Kamale4 1Department ofComputer Engineering, RHSCOE,Nashik2 Departmentof Computer Engineering, RHSCOE,Nashik3 Deaprtment of Computer Engineering,RHSCOE,Nashik4 Deaprtment of Computer Engineering,RHSCOE,Nashik  ———————————————————————***———————————————————————Abstract -The problem of voting is still critical in termsof safety and security. This paper deals with the design and development of aweb-based voting system using fingerprint and aadhaar card in order

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Hip-hop sensibility. Ever since it came to exist

 Hip-hop has neverlost its sense of street-level sensibility. Ever since it came to exist fromthe beginning in the city of Bronx and now as a worldwide cultural drift andsocial development. It all started when composing tunes, rappers and lyricistsexchanged the credibility of hip hop, always dropping the names of street corners,city neighbourhoods’, and particular buildings

Humans have shifted our focus from what we

Humans were born to explore. The desireto travel to the unknown forged in the back our minds. Not too long ago in humanhistory, explorers traveled to the so-called “new world”. Now in the modernday, to travel to the “new world” means something completely different. Ashumans, we have shifted our focus from what we see in

Malaysia is important as it symbolize cultural symbol

Malaysiais a country that have relatively many heritage building that have anexceptional artistic and diverse structure. Some of it already receiverecognition by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO). Conservation and preservation of building is one of the method usedto protect a heritage building. Generally, conservation is a technical activitytowards historical buildings (Siti Norlizaiha Harun,


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