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The married couple, Alison MargaretSmithson (1928-1993) and Peter Denham Smithson (1929-2003) were most known asmajor influences for the New Brutalism. Alison Smithson was born in Sheffield,Yorkshire and Peter Smithson was born in Stockon on Tees, Durham and were studyingarchitecture in Newcastle which was part of Durham University. But then PeterSmithson had to stop his studies

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Historical BackgroundOver the years Florence has been home to many churches, public buildings and houses constructed in a Romanesque style or of a gothic architecture. Typically being in the style of Italian Goth, the cathedral of Florence dedicated to “Santa Maria del Fiore” (Fine Art America, 2018)The Major church in the Renaissance period was ‘Cathedral

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Hagia Sophia (from Greek- “Holy wisdom”) is one of the most significant monuments in the world and the most spectacular Byzantine construction ever built. It initially executed the purpose of the main cathedral of Constantinople, but during the centuries it has served as a mosque under the Ottoman empire, and nowadays it has been turned

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          When someone mentions about Thailand, they always remind me its capital, Bangkok. It was around March of 2017, my sister and I took a short trip to Thailand with two destinations, and Bangkok was one of them. Every year Bangkok attracts millions of travelers around the world just simply because there are endless activities

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SummaryThe Pont du Gard is an aqueduct bridge, presently situated near the city of Nîmes, France. Its name directly translates to “Bridge of the Gard” from French. It was constructed by the Roman empire and was believed to have been built by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, Augustus’ son-in-law, around 19 BC. However, latest theories suggest that

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In the year of 2010, while I was touring the Harvard Campus, my uncle fabricated a story that people who rubbed John Harvard’s left shoe would go on to study at the university – just for an embarrassing picture of me. Being the naïve first-year architecture student, I went ahead and touched that singular spot

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The Chicago’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 had 6 months to impress the impact on the city of Chicago. The United States had done nothing on the world’s fair during this time. The great Chicago world’s fair was a perfect way for the United States to disprove this. Its official purpose was to commemorate the four


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