Design is never ending in my life.

In our city, in our towns and even in our wardrobes every aspect has come from a design. It is a way to interact with each other by colors, texture, pattern instead of languages. Small as a candy packages, large as the building, they all included design in it.

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 I have always enjoyed art and design from an early age. Like doodling on my handbook, redesign the history character to relieve boredom during my classes. At that time, I wish would find myself still discovering new things, getting excited and inspired by the most ordinary of things even after many years.

So, it inspired me to pursue on design aesthetics and creativity. In this year, majoring in Creative media had teach me not only just variety of artistic concept and practical technics, but also developed my art appreciation for my future career or studies basis in these design course. For instance, aesthetics and semiotics, mobile apps development, creative thinking and interactive scripting and production , which had served to deepen my appreciation, creativity and the fond with the complexity of art and programming. Additionally, an all-round design student should participate in extra-curricular activities. As a participant of media design competitions, I learned more on how to express my thoughts and be self-motivated. I needed to explore the different disciplines, mixing and experimenting with colors, typography, art style.

I love the design process and the awards but working with my hands to accomplish a finished product is the most rewarding for me.Being a part-time designer in Maiori Design Company also figures that I had successfully refined my design and communication skills, also expanded my horizons. I was assigned to work in photo re-touching, design promotional card and conduct a research of previous exhibition, which required to use practical design technical ability and have an exceptional creative design and writing talent. Afterwards, I had equipped with strong design layout skills and team working sprit.

Sooner or later, I wish to become a designer, especially in the web and apps field which is being involved in the innovation technology and everyone are daily users of the internet. I believed that creativity is getting inspiration and having that lightning-bolt idea moment, and then having the hard work ethic to sit down at the desk and write it down. A great design can break through the clutter and arouse the audiences and society.  I hope all this can demonstrate my capability and reinforce my eagerness for further studies in the tertiary education.

I highly admire the outstanding reputation of City University of Hong Kong, I believe the innovative and world-known school of creative media would affirm my passion to study in Cityu. I am sure that I am fitted to study creative media, I am looking forward to pursuing advanced knowledge in design as a professional stepping stone for my future career, as well as making a considerable contribution to the society. Design is not a career choice, it is a life choice. It is my choice and always will be.


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