Describe and assess how various influential Americans, including politicians, actors, and writers, responded to the Red Scare.The Red Scare happened after WWII and during Cold War. Red Scare is the time that everyone was scared about communism and they were against it. Red Scare Because during Cold War, the people of U.

S were scary and hating communism and they would refer anything happened to them to communist. Including politicians, actors, and writers. Because at that time the Soviet Union had strengthened its strength and became possession of power. And the Americans were afraid of each other of the possibility of disloyal employ of Federal Government. It was between two ideology, Communism and Capitalism. In this essay, I will describe and assess how the sources (B, C, B) responded to the red scare. And was the reaction or the response exaggerated about the Red Scare.

 To start with, In Source B, President Harry S. Truman was biased with the employ of government because he speaks for all of the people of united states, and he believed we must not permit employees of the Federal Government and labeled them as disloyal. He said, “We must not, however, permit employees of the Federal Government to be labeled as disloyal” (Source B). I believe that their reaction is exaggerated about scare of disloyal employees.

Because the majority of employees are local citizens and they work hard and loyal to their country. And President Harry S. Truman said that rumors not enough to lead to the dismissal of an employee for an unconvincing reason like disloyalty.  He said, “Rumor, gossip, or suspicion will not be sufficient to lead to the dismissal of an employee for disloyalty” (Source B). Also, he calls communist group by “witch”, he said “I do not want them to fear they are the objects of any “witch hunt.

” (Source B). In the speech of Joseph McCarthy, he explained that the difference between western Christian and the Communist world is not political and it’s more moral. He said, “The great difference between our western Christian world and the atheistic Communist world is not political, gentlemen, it is moral” (Source C). Also, Joseph McCarthy Explained the expansion of communism after six years, and how many they were and how they became.” Six years ago, there was within the Soviet orbit, 180,000,000 people.

“, “Today, only six years later, there are 800,000,000 people under the absolute domination of Soviet Russia.”  (Source C). And he said that they increased by 400%.

On the other hand, America has decreased by nearly 500,000,000 and the odds have changed. He thought America was defeated in the cold war. “On our side, the figure has shrunk to around 500,000,00.”, “The odds have changed from 9 to 1 in our favor 8 to 5 against us.”, “American defeats in the Cold War.” (Source C).

I believe when he Joseph McCarthy said that America defeated in the cold war, was an exaggerated decision because U.S won in the Cold War after many years.     Lilian Hellman, she was summoned to court, they were called the suspects to the court and they would ask them about whom associated with on their job or outside and they have the ideology of communism and will be sent to the prison. The people were living in a state of anxiety.

Because there were innocent people and they will accuse them of communism without any real evidence.  “I am not willing, now or in the future, to bring bad trouble to people who, in my past association with them, were completely innocent of any talk or any action that was disloyal or subversive” (Source B).  Finally, in my opinion, I believed that the reaction that occurred during the Red Scare was exaggerated. Because everyone was living in a state of anxiety. Also, I believed that the Soviets succeeded in creating an internal destabilization between everyone.

Including, politicians, journalists, writers, actors, innocent people. And you can see everyone accusing others being a side with communist. One example of this when Joseph McCarthy accused journalist Murrow and it started media hype. I believe that the most important person in the cause of this uproar is Joseph McCarthy.      


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