Depending on which social group one belongs to, being a part of that group can either give him psychological comfort or just the opposite.

We can see plenty of differences between classes, just as the classes are formed in reference to household’s income, the ones with lower income, members of working class are deprived of many privileges that Upper Class holds.  Research shows that children from wealthier families apply to more prestigious universities and in such Universities, working-class students are a minority. In 2010 over 150 University institutions took part in a survey which results presented that over eight of the 10 Universities with the lowest proportions of working-class background students were in the prestigious Russell Group universities. (The Guardian, 28 Sep 2010)Based on that research we can observe that social class can be and is indeed the source of inequality.  Differences in social classes also affect psychological processes and their outcomes. In particular, it’s worth to take a closer look at how relatively higher-class individuals are more likely to focus on the self, having a financial stability and an Upper-class person’s mindset – that is, emphasizing personal goals, feelings, and interests makes a comparison to working-class individuals, who focus more on the social context and their relationships with close others Inequalities between social classes can be seen in many layers of life, one aspect of it is health.

As mentioned above, social classes dictate what we eat, what sports we take up and if we take up any, we could even go as far as to make a statement that working class and some of the lower-middle class people experience more stress through their lives than Upper-class people. In comparison to those who belong to a higher social class, those who belong to a lower social class tend to have poorer mental health. (Rubin, Evans, & Wilkinson, 2016) further study on the subject shows that high social class is associated with high social status and low social class is associated with low social status and that can lead to low self-esteem and lack of satisfaction in life and furthermore to mental health problems. Hence, we can observe that there is a close link between social class and mental health. Part of the reason for that might be the inequality in the health-related benefits that Upper Class has as one of many privileges.  (M. Rubin and R.

Stuart University of, Newcastle, Australia 2018). A recent study shows that there’s an eight-year gap in men’s lifespan between more and less affluent districts. (The Guardian, 30 Apr 2015). Another social difference and division that we notice when talking about social class is the geographical aspect of it. In the certain areas of England, the yearly income of the household is much lower than in other parts of the country. Upper Class is usually situated in the most prestigious counties, according to the research Britain’s richest towns as following: Sevenoaks, Kent Alderley Edge, Cheshire, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, Brockenhurst Hampshire, Salcombe Devon, Lyndhurst  Berkshire, Ascot Amersham Buckinghamshire, Gerrard’s Cross/Chalfont ST Peter Buckinghamshire, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire where the average price is about £500,00 or above.  (The Telegraph, 19 Apr. 2008).

    Conclusion: ‘Class variations are virtually indistinguishable from status differentiation, where status is defined as the social evaluation of the individual- the degree of honour which society confers on him. Class involves a series of differences dependent upon skin- colour, income, position, age, sex, intelligence, and so on. Max Weber stresses this point when he insists that status differentiation is analytically distinct from economically determined differences in class situation.’ (E.

A. Johns 1972)  Social Class is very important to the society and gives an individual a sense of belonging hence a primary identity, but it also brings a selection and division between humans based on the amount of money they own.  


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