an old saying that “smile is the curve that makes things straight” and Dentists
are the one working to keep this curve perfect. So coming towards dentistry in
this modern era one can realize the advancement in this field has brought
him/her from road side denture activities to a high class, efficient and well
equipped Dental care clinic where the dilemma and fear has significantly
reduced. In primitive time there was no other option to choose for your dental
care, one must have to go with the extraction. There you felt the immense pain
in the tooth and the next thing you were going to experience more pain in the
extraction. But nowadays there are more alternatives other than extraction are
available that can relieve the harsh experience of extraction and the patients
which in facts are customer too can trust the Dental Care System.

has progressed to such levels such that surgical specialists in dentistry
either oral or maxillofacial can handle complex surgeries that involve
dento-facial trauma, soft tissues, facial skeleton, deformities and tumor.
Besides an ordinary oral dentist there are now majority of specialists
associated with dental care such as ENT Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Plastic
surgeons, Orthodontists and Prosthodontists who are actively working for the
field of Dentistry. Cosmogenic dentistry and Dental Implantology are also
contributing to this field. Forensic Dentistry has also settled at a hasty speed
in the recent past with progress in forensic dental science. There are other
things too which has made dentistry innovative and fast growing fields that are
associated with information technology such as Radiovisuography and diagnostic
imaging techniques are aiding the dental care system most effectively.  


era Dentistry

though various technical developments in recent years, many professional health
complications still persevere in modern dentistry. These comprise percutaneous
exposure incidents (PEI); contact
to contagious diseases (including bio aerosols), radiation, dental materials, musculoskeletal
maladies; dermatitis and respiratory illnesses; eye wounds; and psychosomatic
problems. PEI remains a specific distress,
as there is an almost relentless menace of exposure to severe infectious
agents. Policies to minimize PEI
and their significances should continue to be employed, comprising sound
infection control rehearses, continuing education and hepatitis B inoculation.
As part of any infection control conventions, dentists should continue to employ
personal protective measures and suitable disinfection or other high-level sterilization
techniques. Apart from biological perils, dentists continue to grieve a high dominance
of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), especially of the back, neck and shoulders.
To fully recognize the nature of these glitches, further studies are needed to classify
causal aspects and other links of MSD. It is therefore vital that dentists
remain frequently up-to-date regarding current processes on how to deal with innovative
technologies and dental constituents. Another difficulty in nowadays dentistry
is the cost associated with treatment which is not affordable to masses and
patients are often reluctant to visit dental clinic.

a nutshell, a stich in time saves nine, and don’t be penny wise and be pound










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