Dental braces play a major role in orthodontics by giving patientsa beautiful smile. They are used to align and straighten teeth while positioningthem with regard to a person’s bite. Braces also help in recovering malocclusions,under bites and overbites. More importantly these orthodontic treatments resultin a healthier mouth free from tooth decay, gum problems, tooth loss and jawproblems. Final outcome of the orthodontist treatments rely on the expertise ofthe orthodontist. Dr.

Thomas Lee is an orthodontist who has experience over 40years in giving a healthy smile for the people in Thousand Oaks. He is anexpert in providing the proper treatments for the patients using advanced orthodontictechnologies during a short period of time. Dr. Lee is capable of giving uniqueand the best orthodontic care for every condition with regardless of the agewhich matches the patient’s lifestyle, budget and personal preferences. If a patient is suffering from over bite, under bite, cross bite oropen bite condition he/she will be a candidate for an orthodontic treatment.

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Conditionswhere the center of the upper front teeth does not line up with the lower frontteeth, spaces between teeth and crowding can be treated by orthodontic care. Bracesare one of the most suitable treatments for the mentioned orthodonticconditions.  Dr.

Lee has completedthousands of cases and has successfully treated every kind of orthodonticconditions. He designs early orthodontic treatments for children and specialtreatments for adults.  Early orthodontictreatment is designed for children staring from 7 years. This treatment is doneby evaluating the patient and stating whether the individual needs future orthodonticcare. Dr. lee is able to examine young patient’s jaws and teeth stating thefuture complications and provide preventive treatments for the issue.

  Dr. Lee offers differenttypes of braces namely Damon braces, Self-ligating braces, clear aligners andclear braces which match the requirement of the patient.  For example Damon braces straighten teethfaster with less treatments and a comfortable treatment. Clear braces havebenefit of having a better appearance instead using metal braces.


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