Thermal power can also be known as Thermal protection global
power or solar power plant.

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As generator is driven by a power and then for generating
that power a power plant is


First we take a power station then through which heat energy
is converted into electrical power.

So for running a turbine steam is used here.

Water is boiled then 
it turns into steam and then it rotates steam turbine. Which further
drives, in this way whole process is done.TYPES OF THERMAL POWER PLANT:

By fuel

power plants:

operating a steam turbine generator we use the generated heat of nuclear
reactor. Nearly 20%  can be generated by such a type of nuclear
power plants in USA.

fuelled power plants 

 can be used 
for the purpose of natural gas fired plants that further can be used for
a combustion turbine or we used it as a steam turbine generator. Electricity
can be generated by heating coal to produce steam . But it has a disadvantage
that it generates an excessive amount of carbon dioxide. Approximately  50%  electricity is generated by fired coal plants.

power plants 

Here, underground rocks
are used for extracting steam.

energy plants or Biomass
Fuelled Power Plants

Sugar cane be proved
useful after extracting this, methane or any other form of biomass can be

Blast furnace exhaust
gas is cheaper, having energy density and fuel is low.

 Used heat in industrial processes  can be re- used to produce power that is
further used in a steam boiler and turbine.

thermal electric plants

boiling water sunlight is used which in turns used for turning the generator.

By prime mover

turbine plants 

For turning the blades
of steam turbines steam is expanded and for this expansion dynamic pressure is
generated. this process is used by all the heavy non-hydro plants.
Approximately 80% produced power can be used by steam turbines.

turbine plants if we have to
directly operate turbine then dynamic pressure is used from gases that are speed up the turbines we use natural gas. And it is also used for
supplying energy at peak points when there is the demand of high energy at an
expensive cost as compared to the base can be operated at remote areas

 Combined cycle plants it uses steam boiler and steam turbine and
also another gas which may be turbine that is fired by natural gas. This whole
process is done for the generation  of electricity.
And this process is used for improving the efficiency of plant .Natural gas is
also used for combined cycles.




1. Fuel that is used in the thermal power plant has lowest cost. 
2. Thermal energy can be generated in any environment in the world.

Heat production System is simple compared to other system.
4.The whole mechanism has an effective cost.
5. It’s mechanism is quite simple and easy.
6. Here ,used heat cannot be can be reused for any other purposes.
7.The maintenance of this power plant is simple.
8. Here’ perfect installation is required because water is used as a coolant
agent permanently for thermal power plant.
9.This process can be generated to a very small spaces. Either it requires a small
area for it’s installation.

1.There is a great production of carbon dioxide in the air.
2. The entire environment is affected by the exhausted gases.’s efficiency decreases gradually.
4. A large amount of lubricating oil is required for thermal engines.But it is
difficult to obtain this because it is expensive.,for cooling purposes a large amount of water  as a liquid is used that is the requirement
of the nuclear thermal power plant.

raising the sea water level power station is the possible condition in thermal
power plant.

power plant  requires an excessive amount
of coal and water.

process also gives rise to the extra gases like Nox and Sox and then these are responsible
for acid rain.

 APPLICATIONS:Applications for steam power plant are as follows:HeatingPropulsion(mechanism to move any substance in the forward
direction)MotiveAtomization(to break a substance into fine particles.Cleaning (used to remove extra
particles)Moisturization (used to avoid from dryness)·        
Humidification(can be
done by heating or cooling)

Steam for Heating

Positive Pressure SteamSteam can be produced at positive pressures
generally. Mostly it is given above 0 MPaG and temperatures also above 100
degree.Applications of heating can be found in
factories while making different food.Heating application can be used in oven.Temperature can be controlled by using any hot
liquid such as water.

Steam as Motive Fluid

Steam  can also be
directly used as a motivational force to move water as a liquid or any other
liquid or carbon dioxide gas or any other gas towards piping..

Steam for Atomization

The process in which we separate two or more fluids mechanically
is known as Steam atomization . for decreasing the efficiency of combustion and
the number of molecules of hydrocarbons steam is introduced into the fuel.  

Steam for Cleaning

For cleaning the surfaces we extremely used steam. After
cleaning the surfaces deposited chemicals are removed. And after that boiler
capacity can easily be maintained. Reliability can be enhanced and efficiency
can be improved.Steam released out of the soot blower nozzle dislodges the dry
or sintered ash and slag, which then fall into hoppers or are carried out with
the combusted gasses.

Steam for Moisturization

Steam can be used for two purposes at a same time. such as it
can moisturized a mechanism and as well as can generate and supply heat to the
system. Such as it is used in the paper production as a moisturizing



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