It is quite impossible to provide a universally accepted definition as to what does it mean being a college student.

The reason for this is simple – there are as many points of view, in this respect, as there are students. Nevertheless, it is possible to reflect upon how I believe college students should be positioning themselves in life, which in turn would allow them to live up to the title. In this essay, I will aim to do just that. First, I think that being a college student means being a responsible individual, who believes that the studying represents its foremost priority. Therefore, under no circumstances may college students neglect taking care of academic assignments, provided by their teachers. Moreover, in order for just about any college student to be able to succeed academically, he or she must never cease striving to expand its intellectual horizons. Unfortunately, many students adopt a rather light approach towards pursuing a degree, which in turn undermines their chances of obtaining a diploma.

In its turn, this also implies that, in order for college students to excel in their studies, they must be willing to act in a thoroughly self-disciplined manner. Second, being a college student suggests one’s willingness to not only memorize the taught material but to reflect upon it critically. What it means is that, every time when teachers present students with their own views on the significance of what they teach, students should be able to challenge these views. Being the representatives of younger generations, college students have all the right to have their opinions heard.

After all, it will be up to them to define the ways of the future. Therefore, ever since their early years, young people who expect to become college students should strive to form their own opinions about the actual meaning of life. Third, even though that, in order for people to qualify to become college students, they must be thoroughly comfortable with the notion of responsibility, this however does not imply that they should only be concerned with the studying. Quite on the contrary – trying to have fun, whenever is possible, is the important part of students’ life. Therefore, there is nothing wrong about college students attending parties in their spare time, for example. By doing that, students are able to improve their communicational skills, which in turn should help them to grow into socially responsible individuals in the future. Fourth, being a college student means being willing to lead a physically healthy lifestyle. After all, it would prove quite impossible to imagine a drug-addict, for example, being in a position to qualify to enroll in a particular college, in the first place.

It is understood, of course, that many college students simply lack time to be actively engaging with sports. This, however, should not prevent them from doing basic physical workouts on a daily basis. By leading healthy lifestyles, college students will not only able to benefit from it physically but also mentally. As the famous saying goes – healthy bodies contain healthy spirits. Fifth, being a college student means being able to take an active stance in life. College students are expected to take part in social and political discussions, because by doing it they can well contribute to the well-being of a society in which they live.

Moreover, students’ willingness to do so is being consistent with the overall purpose of their studies, as such that are supposed to turn them into socially productive citizens. Therefore, it is crucially important for college students to never skip an opportunity to make their voice heard, when it comes to discussing particularly controversial issues. Sixth, being a college student means being willing to work on projects, relevant to the chosen career. For example, students that specialize in engineering are being often required to come up with their own designs for bridges, whereas, students that specialize in architecture are being encouraged to work on inventing new architectural styles. Apparently, it represents a matter of crucial importance for college students to not only strive to attain a professional excellence in the chosen professional field, but also to derive an emotional satisfaction out of pursuing a degree. And, one of the ways how students can go about deriving such a satisfaction, is applying their theoretical knowledge in practice. Seventh, being a college student means being willing to assist its underachieving classmates in coping with academic assignments. As we are being well aware of, whereas, some students do not experience any problems with the studying, others do.

Very often, it comes because of these students’ exposure to poverty in their private lives. Yet, for as long as underachieving students get to experience the sensation that, despite their inability to score high, while tested, they nevertheless continue being appreciated by their peers, they will be more inclined to apply an additional effort into trying to catch up. Eighth, being a college student implies that the concerned individual should never cease referring to its teachers in a respectful way. Nowadays, it became a common practice among many students to blame teachers for receiving low grades. This situation, however, cannot be considered thoroughly normal. This is because, even though many teachers do seem to act in a rather intolerant manner towards some students, they are far from trying to cause these students any intentional harm.

Quite on the contrary – such teachers’ behavior simply reflects their willingness to help the concerned students with obtaining diplomas. After all, it is only those students that pass final exams, who are able to graduate. However, sometimes is it particularly the lack of self-discipline, on the part of underachieving students, which hampers their chances to obtain a diploma. Therefore, before blaming teachers on the account of their assumed intolerance, responsible students should consider the possibility that their positioning, in this respect, may not be fully justified. I believe that the provided earlier definition of what it means being a college student is thoroughly appropriate.

Even though it is being concerned with reflecting my personal opinions, I consider them perfectly valid.


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