December 23,2017How Free Were Free Blacks in the North?By Dika ObiegbuBetween the years of 1800 to 1860 blacks inthe North weren’t as free as they were promised. By the 1800 most Northernblacks were free from slavery and were no longer owned as property. How freewere the free blacks in North? In today’s society being free or having freedommeans to determine action without restraints.

There are three type of freedomthat will show you how blacks in the North had freedom between the years of1800 to 1860.During the years of 1800 to 1860 blacks inthe North struggle with political freedom. In Document A the table shows thatfive northern states allowed black males to vote, six northern states didn’tallow black males to vote, and five northern states restricted black males fromvoting. Blacks in the North were given the rights to vote but almost half ofthe North states didn’t let blacks vote. Only Massachusetts was the only statethat gave blacks full political rights because they were able to vote andattend jury duties.  Blacks in the North had many economic freedombut limited by segregation.

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In Document C it says “Shall I be a Mechanic? Noone will employ me; white boys won’t work with me.” The African American boydoes not know what to do with his life because no one will employ him becausehe was a black boy. This shows that there weren’t a lot of successful blackpeople in the North. Similar to economic freedom blacks in theNorth had many education freedom but limited by segregation. In Document C itsays “Why should I strive hard and acquire all the constituents of a man if theprevailing genius of the land admit me not as such or but in an inferiordegree.” This tells us that the whites made the blacks fell weak.

It also tellsus should blacks strive hard if they won’t get recognized. In conclusion, the blacks were not free enough.Between the years of 1800 to 1860 the North and the South treated blacks badpolitically, economically, and educationally. In this period of time blackswere not socially accepted in the world yet. Even today blacks are strugglingwith freedom.

In your society are you treated right or are you treated poorlylike the blacks in the North in 1800 to 1860


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