decades now children growing in a single parent families has being looked at different  by society. Having a single parent or being raised by one is something impossible to do and having to overcome a lot of positive and negative things in life. In today’s society many  children have been raised or have grown up in a single parent family and many have grown up to become  emotionally  and economically stable successful and well thought and good education  whether they were raised by a single parent or both parent. One of the biggest  issue is that society give negative vibes to children that are raised by a single parent and they think it better if children are raised by two parent and their are difference between children that are raised with both parent or single parent. Do young kids need their other parent around that is absent?  for example do little boys need their fathers around in other to grow and be a better man. In society that we lived now people think raising children need both parent but  society need to have basic understanding that raising children does not need both parent around in other to be brought up properly.

According to a study at cornell university ” single parent do not show any negative impact on the social and educational development in addition children raised by one parent families often form close  bond with their with their parent  and they closely depend on each other throughout the child’s lives.”  this indicated that not only do single families created more bond and show more loved to their children they helped them to strengthen them up  and be their for them to lead them to the right path in life.       Also people claimed the only way children can be well brought up is being raised by mother and father and none of them is absent in their lives. And that can lead them to have good emotional and behavior skills  what our communities and society should understand is it very hard to raise children if one parent is absent. In addition raising children does not required both both parent it focused on the valued they have taught and children learned new things as they mature and understanding more things about lives what is right from wrong.          The issue that is going on for decades about having one parent is the society and the media always show negatives things about being raised by a single parent. “Children from a single parent families tend to more likely  to have behaviors problems because they tend to have lack of economic and security ” ( Robert L). This statement about single about single parent is very adolescence and absurd.

People have to understand that it difficult for parent to raise a child by themselves there are many reasons that could prove the struggle that they go through. A single parent must have to work full time in other to be able to provide for themselves and  their children. They must be able to have time to show attention to their child in other to know the well being  and what is going on in there child lives. It might be impossible but it will be done.

     As we continued how single parents are being looked down on in the world  people should know and realize that being a single parent  have becoming more common today in the world. Since 1996  American families  forty percent living in a first marriage families with both of their parents,  twenty five percent living in a single parent , divorced  parent or separated by death. And twenty five percent living a second marriage and a step family. This show how scary this world have become  by looking at this statics  that 60 percent of people are single parents families.

This is so scary it show how unfaith  and How little they are committed to their spouse or loved ones before having children. Parents who thinks they can’t complete all this tasks as of being a single parent should considered of having children and becoming a parents. In article state that ” boys who do not have a their father in their lives suffer greatly have lower disadvantages of becoming a role model”.  I disagree with the article for my personal experience I was raised in a single parent house with my brothers. My brother never had their father while growing up always have uncle around that lead them to the right path and help them have positive feelings and  thoughts educated them with knowledge and understanding about life. They had the best supports group they could have for a young man.

Although it was really hard to be raised by our mother. But she provide all the needs and want a child will need in order to survive and educate us with wisdom and strengthening us in other to keep going and be a successful person in life without our father.         Universal class state that Additionally,”single parents have a unique opportunity to role model strong, ethical behavior for their children. By negotiating day-to-day challenges, handling emergencies, and being there for the child, a single parent shows their child that it is possible to live and thrive on one’s own. This is particularly helpful if the child’s other parent is a poor role model! If single-family status is due to the death of a spouse, modeling strong behavior, while allowing your child to understand that you also mourn, is crucial to healing for both (or all, in the case of multiple-child families) of you.

Being “too strong” in front of the children may lead them to believe you don’t miss or feel the loss of the deceased parent, which is quite upsetting for them”.     This article indicated that single parent are real role models for their children  they go through a lot of hardships in  other to  raised them and lead them to be a better person and a great leader. They are strong leader even taught their kid wrong from right  and brought up well than even kid with mutie families.  Single parenting also have positive traits not only native that are view by the society some positive trait are single parent  teach their  children of how to be  independent person  and  how to take responsibilities  in their lives.  Children can learned how to shared responsibilities for the life of their love ones.

 Because single parent are always busy so they encourage their  children to work as a team and encourage a really good work ethic in their household.  They  have more sense of knowing their surrounding, environment and communities because they rely on other for help in caring for their children. And letting their children experience  and unknown environment and  mingle with others outside from their immediate families. In fact children  in single parent household are more closer than children that have both parent that are present.         modern mom state ” single parent families can be just as successful as dual parent families it may just required more work. This statement is very logical not only children with both parent can be successful both can be  for children raised by a single parent they just need to worked a little bit harder than children raised by traditional multiple parents cultures.  Also one of the 


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