Dear Sir/ Madam, I am applying for the Edith Cowan University’ Master of Computer Science program.

My name is Harrison Juma Angonga and I graduated in 2017 from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology with an English-language bachelor of science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. After four years in the university, I gained skills to analyze and solve mathematical problems, use logical structure of application programming and Mathematical theorems to approach problems; it is my understanding that, a seemingly-natural knowledge is in fact a result of intricate causations of events and hypothesized theories and one debunked theory or one new finding can change the entire narrative of the past and consequently the outlook for the future.    As I studied computing science, I soon began to realize the breadth and depth of information technology’s influence on societies in modern world. I was attracted to statistical approach to present Mathematical theorems and awed by the potential in data analysis in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Moreover, I realized I am more passionate about presenting solutions to problems rather than research and analysis. After I took Software engineering (I) class in the last semester of university, I was reminded of my love and aptitude for logical thinking and decided to further my knowledge in the field of computer science.    My professional goal is to improve the way people connect for the good of the society.

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My dream is to create an academic social network like Researchgate that makes learning community accessible to people of all backgrounds. After four years of university education, activities in debate club, technology symposiums and a quite significant period in volunteer work, I learned that the most vital element of education is the learning community of engaging members who share the same values, and inspire each other in pursuit of greater goals. I aspire to develop technology that connects people beyond socioeconomic, ethnic, national, and cultural groups.

   Here are three reasons why the Master of Science program at Edith Cowan University is a perfect fit for me. Firstly, the curriculum includes various fields from Mobile forensics to Network Security, and Master’s project for me to explore my interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Secondly, I love Western Australia and specifically, Joondalup. For the past three months, I have been in contact with a close friend who is an undergraduate student in Edith Cowan University, and through her I have got to know more about Joondalup life, the quiet restrained life in Western Australia as compared to the other states.

It feels like a place I would like to call home for the next two years. Thirdly, Edith Cowan university has a diverse student population. This fits me as a graduate of the most diverse college in Kenya and my adventurous, curious and open-minded nature. For example, I aim to develop projects that experiment the interaction of digital and traditional media, the local and global viewpoints of Edith magazine, the university electronic newspaper.  My professional background includes a position of IT assistant, a translator and an IT apprentice as part of my university industrial attachment. I participated in an intra-university debate and was captain of my university basketball team during my senior year. Among friends, I am a mediator who tries to solve conflicts and ease tensions by communicating and bridging the gap between differences using my fluency in four languages and multi-cultures.

My skills are derived from the curiosity and affection for people which can yield a synergy effect when combined with technological skills. Education at Edith Cowan University will provide a perfect opportunity for me to grow as Software developer and contribute to the program and society with fresh perspectives from a unique background.  Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response. Yours Sincerely, 


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