Dawaat One of the products of LT foods, formed in 1980’s .

It processes and exports packaged best quality of Basmati rice. With its growth increasing exponentially in 1990’s ,this brand has made its mark in the food  industry .This huge success of the brand has also made its presence felt in the overseas.” Dawaat “, as its brand name suggests ,the aromatic Basmati rice it delivers is truly a feast to all the food lovers. It works with the finest in the food service industry like Barbecue Nation, Bikanervala etc.

  Once a luxury enjoyed only by the royals ,now served to you at your home everyday. Enjoy the royal experience with Dawaat at an affordable price range. Dawaat has now introduced a new range of products called “Rozana” Basmati rice products in the recent past.   With the modernization, it has also changed its process streamlining with the peoples need.

Its unique Octa-Q process guarantees the finest grains of basmati rice reaching our plates. Giving an edge over other competitors, the Dawaat grains have a cutting-edge which makes them fluffier ,straight and non-sticky .The quality and safety tests verified against the highest standards of basmati rice makes it unique among other basmati brands .Dawaat’s primary goal has always been of its  products quality and its customers satisfaction .It offers wide variety of high quality Basmati rice adhering to different needs of the consumers .It has now embarked to one of the top position among the other Basmati rice brands out in the market.

  With the world running faster every day, Dawaat has come up with Faster cooking Brown rice as a healthy option for its customers .With top chefs recommending Dawaat , today it enjoys the stature of most recommended brand for basmati rice among its competitors. You get all varieties of basmati rice of Dawaat here only on BazaarCart at affordable rates and best ever discounts .Come shop here on BazaarCart to get the aroma of the best basmati rice .


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