David Darwin’s One Man Sideshow is the perfect entertainment choice for your next important event. A truly unique performer, David puts on a spectacular show for audiences of all ages. Your guests will experience thrills, laughter, and amazement as he dazzles them with both his stage presence and his incredible range of skills.It’s All About Versatility and FunThe One Man Sideshow comes in many varieties. The family version is best for ages 4 and up and emphasizes a light-hearted humor that gets the adults laughing at least as much as the children.

And don’t worry — the comedy is always clean no matter what the audience is.Naturally, the adult shows are a very different experience than the act David performs for the whole family. Perfect for comedy clubs, college campuses, theaters, etc, they involve dangerous stunts that aren’t really suitable for younger children. The routines at these shows include feats like walking on glass, lying on a bed of nails, sword swallowing, and fire eating.David performs directly to his audience. The One Man Sideshow is always fast-paced and fun, no matter what customized version he’s presenting. Most importantly of all, David brings it every night and the Sideshow never fails to satisfy.

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One Stop Shopping for Top Shelf EntertainmentWhether it’s a small party or huge gala event, David Darwin has everything you need right up his sleeve. He’s been wowing people for years with expert juggling, circus feats, and awe-inspiring magic tricks. David injects ample doses of comedy into everything he does as well, evoking laughter in the audience even as they ask one another “How does he do that?”But all this is the just the beginning. Imagine how enthralled your guests will be as they witness everything from sword-swallowing and fire-eating to plate spinning and lasso tricks. David Darwin puts on a show they’ll talk about for weeks. Why? Because they’ll know they’ve seen something truly special.A Darwin Worthy of the NameThe performer David Darwin was born with the last name Smith, but he took his unique stage name for a reason. For several reasons, in fact.

First, he knew that a name like Smith was just too common for the rare performance he puts on every time he goes on stage.Second, just like the natural spectacle Charles Darwin surveyed, the One Man Sideshow is always evolving. That means he never puts on the same show twice. David hones his stagecraft constantly, improving on what’s already in his bag of tricks and adding fabulous new ones to it regularly.Lastly, the name Darwin reflects the adaptability of the One Man Sideshow.

David can customize his shows to fit the exact needs of your event. This is one the reasons for his stellar reputation — he has enough weapons in his entertainment arsenal to put on the perfect show for any crowd out there.Having a grand opening, a company party, or a similar big event? If so, the One Man Sideshow can be your roving entertainment vehicle.

For these larger events, David can mingle with your guests and will even have them participate in performing the tricks. The walk-around approach isn’t recommended for small events, but it’s perfect if you want amazing fun that’s up close and personal.A Hard-Earned ReputationDavid started performing when he was only nine years old, knocking on doors and selling his jokes for 10 cents apiece.

Since that time, he’s added hundreds of elements to his grab bag of tricks, but comedy continues to be a mainstay of his shows. His laugh-a-minute approach keeps everything fast-paced and engaging, but it’s the combination of humor, showmanship, and edgy artistry that’s earned David Darwin his great reputation.But this doesn’t mean David rests on his laurels. He’s a performer who truly loves his work and he’s always striving to deliver the best entertainment money can buy.

This dedication is why the One Man Show has so much to offer.Need proof? Then check out this impressive resume. David has performed his One Man Show on Philadelphia’s Fox 29 on many occasions, always with fantastic results. He’s also had multiple appearances on America’s Got Talent, making it to the semifinals with his comedy contortion routine and a number of other sideshow skills.

David has also taken his One Man Show to the corporate world and TV commercials. He’s performed on colleges campuses and at casinos all over the country. He’s also dazzled audiences at a number of art and music festivals, where he was honored to perform alongside some of the best acts in the business.The Consummate PerformerYes, David has performed his One Man Show for an impressive list of clients, but his most important show is always the next one. He’ll work just as hard for you as when he’s in the celebrity limelight, with an extravagant show that’s sure to keep your audiences amused and guessing.

One thing people love about David’s shows is that they get to participate. In fact, audience participation a big part of the Sideshow’s widespread appeal. Whether he’s mingling with the crowd or performs the entire act on stage, his showmanship is certain to keep the crowd happily engaged.David Darwin’s One Man Sideshow is difficult to summarize in words. You can find great samples of a few routines on the Sideshow’s YouTube page, but the videos don’t really do the live performances justice. They’re just something you have to experience in person to appreciate.

Booking the One Man Sideshow Means Booking the BestDavid has entertained audiences all over the country with his mix of magic, humor, and Vaudevillian charm. The love he has for his work shines through during every performance and his enthusiasm is certain to make your evening special.No matter what size your event is, it’s important to you and your guests. That’s why it deserves only the best entertainment out there.

Fortunately, it’s safe to say that your event is just as important to David as it is to you. Contact him today and let his One Man Sideshow deliver the high-quality entertainment your event deserves.


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