“Data”is an essential part of life. In life absolutely everything entails data, infact “Data is life and life is data”.With the rapid andvivid development in technology, it is without doubts that data has gained muchattention from all fields ranging from the IT sector, agricultural sector,health sector, financial sector etc. we are in an age known as an “informativeage” where everything is basically computational and technologically driven.Due to created computer systems that aid in the collection of these data, tremendousamount of data has been collected over time.Today, there arelots of data that has been collected over various platforms like media(texts,pictures audios and videos),business transactions, scientific data, military intelligence,medical data, personal data, satellite sensing, games, digital media, virtualworlds, memos(e-mail messages), website repositories(www) etc.

Surfaced withhuge collections of data, new ideas has to be created to help make managerialchoices, these ideas are automatic summarization of data, extractions of neededstored information and discovery of patterned raw data which leads to the term “DATAMINING”.Currently, over 2 billion people worldwide are connected to the internet, andover 5 billion individuals own mobile phones, it is estimated that by 2020, 50billion devices would be connected to the internet, at this point estimateddata production would be 44 times greater, as information is transferred atlight speed on optic fibre and wireless network, the volume of data producedincreases. The fast growth rate of the large data generates numerous challengessuch as the rapid growth of data, transfer speed, diverse data, security etc.Hence this articlecomprehensively surveys and classifies the various features of big data,including its nature, definitions, volume, management, analysis and security.INTRODUCTIONAccording to the details of the most recentlyconducted census, it was found out that the world population exceeded 7.2 billion,furthermore, 5 billion people make use of different mobile devices, As a resultof this outrageous no of users, large capacities of data is been generatedperiodically by the use of such devices, these data are simply known as “BIGDATA”, in other words “Big data” can be referred to as large amount of datacollected over time through various platforms mentioned 

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