DATA COMMUNICATION ANDNETWORKINGFINAL PROJECT  GROUP MEMBERS:Maham Babar (15001054-011)Sajal Malik (15001054-021)                                 Program: BBISSubmitted to:                LECTURER MUHAMMAD FARHAN        CONTENTS: v Acknowledgementv History of Companyv Visionv Missionv Productsv SWOT Analysis(Related to technology)v Hierarchyv Technology used by firm                             I.           Current                          II.           Previousv Servicesv Firm communication structure(internal and external)v Future plansv Suggestions             ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Firstly, we are thankful to ALLAH for giving us supporting parents.

Then Iwould like to thanks my teacher MuhammadFarhan, who gave us project of Data Communication and Networking on”UFONE”, and also helped us a lot. We learned a lot from this project. I also must thanks my friends and seniors who encourages us alot and we have completed our DCN project.         History: PTML or Ufone is a Pakistani company whostarted in 29 January, 2001 in Islamabad.

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Ufone is the best service providercompany in Pakistan and has market share of 13%. It is public type company. Ithas 18 million subscribers.

Ufone provides huge number of services and packagesand facilitate their customers in a variety of ways. Ufone mainly focuses on tobe leading brand in cellular industry. Its head quarter is loacated in Bluearea, Islamabad. Ufone serves in more than 2336 cities. It includes bothpostpaid and prepaid products. Mr.

Rashid khan is the CEO of ufone who areserving ufone in a best way. The motto of ufone is ” Its allabout U”. Itsparent company is PTCL. The person whom we interviewed: VISION:To be theNo.

1 telecommunication service provider in Pakistan. By offering best serviceto our customers and serving them in a best way. MISSION:To earn hugeprofit and to provide best coverage worldwide.

   PRODUCTS:Prepaid;Ø  Prepaid tariffØ  PackagesØ  Bundle offersØ  SIM lgao offerØ  International callingØ  U shareØ  Ufone conference callØ  Prepaid roamingØ  International MMSØ  Recharge optionsØ  Prepaid call details Post pay;Ø  Postpaid tariffØ  Monthly SMS packageØ  Value added servicesØ  Customer careØ  HBL and Ufone promoØ  Boundless roamingØ  Supplementary connectionØ  International calling tariff  Ufone Target market:Ufone as awhole targets ‘THE YOUTH’. SWOT Analysis (Related totechnology):•          S indicate Strength•          W shows Weakness•          O depicts Opportunities•          T for Threats  STRENGHTS: (relatedto technology)• As ufonehas introduced 3G network in Pakistan in place of 4G in front of othertelecommunication service providers but it gives much better coverage of 3Gservice in whole Pakistan at best rates.•Home grown industry: Ufone is home grown industry because this is the firsttelecommunication industry who build in Pakistan by PTCL and PTML. It is alsobacked by government.• 3G SERVICE:  According to them they have 3G service is strengthfor them because they have very good response of 3G service from the very firstday they launch it and till now they have very good response.

They have largenumber of users who use their 3G service and appreciate them a lot.• Onlycountry that provide service in all countries of Pakistan and has best networkcoverage.• Biggestchunk of the budget minded users.• Ufone isproviding network coverage in more than 750 cities, towns of Pakistan and acrossall major highways.

It has towers placed after every 4-5 km in unpopulatedareas and after 2-3 km in populated or crowded areas.• They havethe latest technology as compared to other telecommunication service providercompanies.• It is easyfor them to introduce new technology as government is backing them. They caneasily launch high quality 4G service.• Ufone hasmore than 150 international operators in almost more than 79 countries.• Ufone isproud to have very efficient  andfriendly customer service and has  nearly250 franchisees in whole country who are serving customers in a best way.

.• Ufone hasalmost 19 miilion subscribers in 2009 and is increasing day by day.• Ufone wasthe only first cellular Company in Pakistan who introduced the service of GPRSand has competitive advantage over other companies.• GPRS Roamingfacility of ufone is available across 59 countries which includes Kuwait,saudiaArabia etc. WEAKNESSES:• 4G SERVICE: Ufone doesnot have 4G service while allother cellular networks  likezong have 4Gservice in Pakistan.•  This is one of the major declineof ufone as 4Gdemand is increasing day by day in all areas of Pakistan.• Ufone isvery hopeful to take 4G license as soon as possible.

• It hasmany franchises in the whole country but as its customers are increasing day byday so its present franchises are not enough to fulfill the needs of itscustomers so new franchises must be introduced in rural areas as well.• Ufone alsofaces problems relevant to its network as it get jammed or sometimes totallystops on special occasions• Itscoverage on Southern part of Pakistan is quite good but in northern areas itscoverage is a bit poor so ufone must has focus on this weakness. OPPERTUNITIES:Ufone could  must introduce some new,unique and innovative servicesto attract customers. • Theyshould have to target corporate sector.

This opportunity must be availed.• As theyare subsidiary of PTML and PTCL so they can easily acquire as much fund neededto improve their current technology with latest 4G technology.• It ismaking more profit by running 3G service because ufone is = able to make profitby providing best 3G service o their users in all cities• Newtechnology must be introduced very soon so accomplish their mission.

• Ufone haveopportunity over 4G because the 4G mobile phones are quite expensive and the 3Gmobile phone are available at low cost in market upto 8000 – 11000 the 3Gsupported phones are available easily.• It shouldalso introduce some new and interesting packages for internet users espacillyfor youth to get their attention towards ufone so then many people will switchfrom other networks towards ufone.• Ufoneshould import latest technology equipment from China because they are sellingthe best technology at very  very low ratesso it will not only help Ufone to be No.1 technologically but also will helpUfone to reduce its cost and to increase number of its subscribers.THREATS:• Increasingcompetition between mobile services provider in the country and installation oflatest technology by other companies.• Thecompetitors of ufone have successfully launched  4G service.

Ufone have threat from theircompetitors because ufone haven’t launch 4G service yet. Ufone feel  the threat that if the mobile companies made4G supported mobiles  in huge number sothe users of ufone left the ufone service and start using 4G services of theother organization.• Othermobile operators also now has the GSM technology that is another big threat forUfone. .• Anothernew threat for ufone is that, the competitors of ufone now introducing 3G and4G WiFi and chargeable devices ( clouds) so ufone has to focus on thisperspective.• Ufone hasthreat from zong as zong has the most latest technology and system and is alsoproviding service at very low rates. COMPETITORS   TELENOR   MOBILINK   WARID   ZONG  TECHNOLOGIES OF UFONEPrevioustechnology:Ufone used GSM previously.

Currenttechnology:Now ufone use 3G and about to launch 4G so the number of ufonesubscribers will increase and they will generate more revenue.Coverage:Ufone has manytowers. In populated areas where most building are located one tower provide2-3 km coverage. And in areas which are not populated one tower provide 4-5 kmcoverage. Network coverage in 10,000 locations and across all major highways ofPakistan.

Goodbusiness companies take pride in constantly changing their strategies and rulesaccording to the demands of customers and surely Ufone is one of thosecompanies who focuses on this point. The company is pioneer in many respectsand known for introducing latest technologies.  SERVICES TECHNOLOGIES Mobile broadband (HSPA+) 900  to 1800 MHz Postpaid GSM 2.0 G Prepaid GPRS 2.7G Mobile banking (U-Paisa) EDGE 2.9G   BAND 1 ( Almost 2100 MHz)   BAND 8 ( Almost 900 MHz)  TECHNOLOGIES: Ufone is provding VAS (Value Added Services) to its users. Ufone is providing all those services which competitors are providing.

Ufone firstly introduced MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) VPN (Virtual Private Networks) WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Ufone now also provides 3G & 4G  EXPLANATION: VAS: Satisfying all your cravings. Ufonesatisfy all your cravings and indulge you in true essence of the term. With theUfone Value Added Services, you can compile your whole external environment right in your mobile.

MMS: You can now get latest and updatedMMS alerts on your cell phone by using this ufone service.GPRS:  You can easily configure your mobile phone byusing ufone GPRS service.VPN:  You can get customized platform by using thisufone service and you can easily meet your requirements.WAP: Ufone allows you to enter in WAP andabled you to download any thing from a wide variety of Ufone most famouscontent, services and applications directly from their handsets.

UFONE- 3GCOVERAGE: 3G is the third generation of wirelesstechnology. 3G networks enable you to make video calls, watch live TV, accesshigh speed internet and enjoy live streaming for an enhanced mobile Internetexperience. UFONE FUTURE PLAN ABOUT TECHNOLOGIES:In future,Ufone will provide the service “twonumbers in one SIM”.  As no otheroperator in the country has achieved this valuable and unique feature and onlya very few operators in this area are able make  this technical milestone.  Interesting fact about this features is thatall the primary number are also available in secondary number.Thistechnology is used in a way that at one number 2 IPN is provided and is usedwith a same bandwidth of 1900.

This gives core  advantages to its customers.    HIERARCHY OF UFONEMANAGEMENT HIERARCHY OF UFONE:Inmanagement, Ufone team works step by step. Firstly Board of director is veryimportant and then CEO is at the 2nd number. And then the projectdirector of Ufone Company is of great importance.The executive management teamis responsible for long termplanning andmajor decision making. The EMT providesa five year plan to Board of Director and for each year separately. Both ofthese plans were reviewed every quarter in the Board Meeting.Once budgetsand targets are allocated, all the VPS are fully authorized to take anydecision pertaining to their respective departments from the Hierarchy andstructure of their department to all the policy matters pertaining to theirdepartment’s functions.

Project director are included:·        Marketing& Sales·        CustomerCare·        InformationSystem·        Finance·        Engineering·        HR& Admins·        BusinessUnitMARKETING HIERARCHY OF UFONE:In MarketingHierarchy, firstly CEO is very important like management hierarchy of Ufone.Then HOD (Head of Department) and after the HOD there are Senior Executives& then the Management trainers and at the last Internees.     COMMUNICATION STRUCTURE (EXTERNAL ANDINTERNAL):As the world of telecommunicationsadvances day by day or we can say that wiyhin seconds, ufone promises its loyalcustomers to stay tuned about developing and meeting their expectations,because at Ufone, it’s all about you. DIFFERENCE BETWEENCOMPANY COMMUNICATIONThe maindifferences in communications that occurs inside the organization and thatoccurs outside the organization are the main content and the audience.  In Internal communications  employees and stakeholders are included and inExternal communications clients, general public and customers are included. COMMUNICATION:Ufonecommunicate with its internal and external customers using all thecommunication medium i.e. emails, notices, MIBs (Management InformationBulletins) time to time ensure all employees abreast with their latestpolicies, internal changes and various announcements.

For External customersUfone uses TVCs as their major communication channel. In addition Ufone informthe changes in tariff plans or any update in PTA’s policies or its owncommercial policies through product broachers, leaflets, posters, emails, Roadshows etc. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION OF UFONE:·        Allpolicies and procedures pertaining to work are available through IS system.·        Anyupdate is informed through Email.

·       CEO along with EMT meets theemployees every quarter to abreast and discusses employees over the currentaffair, strategy.EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION OF UFONE:·        Governmentrelation department to deal with government department.·        Marketingcommunicates its product offerings through TVCs, print media, Hoardings, Radiochannels, Event Management etc.·        Salesthrough sales channels. SERVICES:Ufone is committed to providing you qualitycoverage and clear connectivity. WithUfone, you enjoy a host of valueadded services and data connectivity with the best network inPakistan, all at the most reasonable prices.

LIST OF SERVICES:ü Post pay roaming serviceü In flight roamingü Prepaid roamingü Value added serviceü Browsingü Ufone app serviceü Ufone business SMSü VPNü U Examinerü Educationü U Englishü U Questionü Ufone media stationü U Moviesü Ufone fun servicesü Ufone U Trackü U Kismatü SMS Song searchü Gamesü Ufone video messagingü  U game serviceü Current affair portalü U bazaarü Islamic servicesü Hajj guideü Background music serviceü Song dedication serviceü  U singerü  U tunesü  SMS gift boxü  U directoryü  Social cornerü  Bat cheet serviceü  Face book alertsü  My statusü  Ufone dostiü  Voice bookü  Sportsü  Cricket clubü  Ufone auto replyü  Bolo Englishü  Call featuresü  Ufone collect callsü  Ufone food courtü  Missed call notificationü  Smart codeü  SMS backup serviceü  U Blockü  U Advanceü  U Monitorü  U Notificationsü  U Paymentü  U Searchü  U Reminderü  Ufone voice mail FUTURE PLANS OF UFONE:  v Tobe no.1 network and provide best quality service.v Toremain strong force in cellular industry of Pakistan.v  Maintaining high quality service.v Enhancingsubscribers’ capacity.

 ADVERTISEMENT:Ufone spends heavy amount on advertisement. Ufone has its ownadvertising department because its packages changes time to time.  Ufone advertising department is responsiblefor all ads and promotions. SUGGESTIONSo  After completion of report on Ufone I found that theirarevsome reasons for Ufone that its customer rate and market sharing isdeclining day by day and is serious threat to the company.

o  Firstly UFONE should has to introduce strategy and musttry to capture multinationals CO.o  It should provide packages at very very low cost ascompare to other companies so that other network users can switch to ufone. o  It can also provide customers better quality services by extendingits range of coverage in all areas and placing more towers for quality service.o   Ufone also needs to focus more on its own advertisementsinstead of leg pulling of its key customerso  As ufone is fighting war with Zong it spent a lot of moneyon its advertisement but it makes custiomer dissatisfactory. So it must focuson its products and services.o  Ufone sometimes makes such advertisement which areunacceptable to local culture.o  The last suggestion but not the least, Ufone should beaware of its competitor moves and their value added activities which areincreasing day by day.o   It should keep aneye on all its competitors mainly the two companies which are rank above ufone.o  These suggestions must be noticed for making ufone theleading brand.


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