Darning with a sewing machine is one of the easy ways through which repairs on torn clothes can be done, without having to add patches, too much skill or planning. Unlike other types of sewing darning does not consider the nature of the material or even how it has been worn out.

 Figure 1 v Materials needed for Darning Sewing machine Worn or torn clothing Thread v Procedure and Method             Step 1:Identify the torn clothing        Tips·     Checkcareful the torn part of the clothing·     Identifythe reason why it is torn; for instance, is it getting weak from the saltcrystals while using it to change of wetsuits·     Definewhether the rip requires normal darning or zigzag darningWarning ·     Ifthe torn clothing is rotten or very old, it is better to give it a rest,because while darning it will continue to rip from where it is stitchedStep 2: Getting ready to Darn Figure 2 Tips·     Ensurethat the sewing machine is well placed and stable·     Checkwhether the needle is well place and ready for the thread·     Placethe thread depending on the color of the torn clothing Recommendation·     Withdarning the color of the thread does not really matter as one can utilizegarish contrasting thread.·     Agold thread is usually the best for garnishing as it blends with several colorsStep 3: Start the Zigzag Figure 3

instructables.com/id/Darn/>Tips·     Startwith lining up the edges of the torn clothing to ensure that they are onlytouching each other ·     Setthe sewing machine to the zigzag setting ·     Startsewing at least a half inch away from where the torn or the rip begins ·     Straddlethe torn part with the zigzag stitch while sewing along Recommendation·     Ifyou notice that the cloth is being pulled together by the thread reduce thethread tension setting on the sewing machine·     Threadtension setting is done by turning the knobs and screws a little; follow thesettings of the sewing machine manual, in case you are not sure·     Forthe torn clothing at the middle, where you are using the straight stitchingsetting on the sewing machine, you can also darn wit a number of recklessstitches, whereby you squander the thread to make the broken places new andvery strongWarning ·     Ifthe clothing is torn at the middle, meaning that there is no enough clothing onwhich stitching can be done, do not use the zigzag stitch ·     Setthe sewing machine to the straight stitch and continue.Step 4: Using a Yogi Tips·     Whenyou darn up to the branch of the torn to ripped clothing decide whether youwill use a yogi or a frost·     Startwith sewing the vertical part of the T torn first ·     Followthis with the cross stroke ·     Whiledoing this, you will be zigzagging up and down on the rip for several times Recommendation·     Ina situation where the clothing is old, but not rotten, do another stitching rownext to the first one, repeat if need be, until the clothing is reinforced andstrong·     Whiledoing this, you can utilize the stitches that the sewing machine has; this isan opportunity to learn the type of stitches that the sewing machine has.

  Step 5: Darning the frayed edgeFigure 4 Tip·     Thetorn clothing can be frayed and would require darning in such away that thefrays will not be seen ·     Bindthe frayed edge and stitch using the zigzag setting Recommendation·     Fora clean binding of the frayed edge, cut the long frays, then bind and stitch Warning·     Althoughthe binding of the frayed edge might take a bit longer, it is better based onthe end results. ·     Thisis especially so when binding the fray edge along the neckline or the armhole,both of which are visible and can make the clothing either look new and uniqueor very old and homemadeStep 6: Reversing the stitched edge Tips·     Aftergetting at the end of binding the frayed edge, hit the reverse lever on thesewing machine ·     Thiswill stitch back over the edge ·     Repeatseveral times to make the bound edge strong, such that it can last a number ofyearsFigure 5 < http://www.

instructables.com/id/Darn/>v ReferencesAnderson, T. (2016). Steps on how todarn. Retrieved from .Katrina, (2015).

10 Sewing Mistakes thatwill make your Clothes look Homemade. Retrieved from

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