Daliis a popular traveling destination for tourists from all over the world, an adventure for travelers especially for backpackers.It is one of the string of towns described in Yunnan tourist trail leading up to the beautiful Tiger Leaping Gorge. Here you will find 25 ethnic minorities, providing a glimpseinto China’s hugely varied mix of humanity.

Visiting Dali, you really cannot miss several tremendous touristattractions as follows:1.  the “AncientTown”TheAncient Town is located in the west of Yunnan province, which was once calledthe Purple City. It was firstly built in Ming Dynasty. In 1982, Dali was chosenas one of the first batch of 24 historical and cultural cities by the StateCouncil. Unlike any other Chinese towns, the traditional Bai ethnic folk housesgive the town a distinctive feel. You are really recommended to take 6-8 hoursto stroll along the streets as it covers many old towers, churchs and academiesfrom which you can have a better understanding of its culture.2.  Mt.

CangshanMt.Cangshan is the main peak of Yunling Mountain Range and is made of 19 peaks.The average altitude of all these peaks is 3500m, among which the highestreaches 4122m. The mountain is prestigious for its snow, clouds, springs andmarble and enjoys a great reputation for its competitive landscape andbiological diversity. The unmelted snow on the mountain is top of the FourFamous Scenes (wind, flowers, snow and moon) in Dali.

3.  Erhai LakeErhaiis the mother lake of Bai ethnic group. It was called “Golden Moon” by Baiancestors in the past. The natural beauty not only makes it a popular locationfor weddings, but also for many movie sets and TV series—Breakup Buddies, was filmed on site.

On a sunny day, taking a boaton the Erhai lake, viewing the clean and transparent sea stretching far awaylike the blue and wide sky, you’ll win a feeling of peace and calmness, as ifyou are placed in a glorious painting. Or you can ride a bicycle alongside thelake, it will be an unforgettable memory in your life.4.  The Three Pagodas,ChongshengTempleThreepagodas, Dali’s most famous landmark, around 2km northwest of the Ancient Town,dominates the surrounding modern buildings.

Similar to the Big Goose Pagoda andthe Small Goose Pagoda, it’s one of the best examples of a Tang-style pagoda,and also one of the highest existing towers in China. Itfeatures a combination of Dali’s local multi-culture and religious specialty,attracting travelers from different nations and areas.Chinais one of the three countries famous for cooking and cuisine worldwide. Unlikeother areas, Bai people are good at cooking with rice.Some local snacks andcourses,like dairy fan,local rice noodles with shredded chicken,baked chickenwing with wrapped sticky rice and fish in casserole really cannot be missedwhile traveling here.

Apart from above,you are expected to leave some of own your traces here,such as attending some local festivals and events ,shooting “personal realme albums”, even taking wedding  photographs with your beloved in such a fairy tale world.Have you been attracted? Do you wanna go there? Normally you need to takea train or a flight to Kunming from where you can transfer to Dali. Comparingto cars and airplanes, you’re strongly advised to take a train there as it’scheaper and more reliable. Not only can you choose a sleeper, but also be ableto appreciate the pretty scenery along the road. Here are the trains for yourreference. It takes about 6 hours by train.

The price varies from ¥64 to ¥150. Dali has one train station in the east of the city from where youcan take bus #8 to the Ancient Town directly.


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