Cybercrime is almost safe and the risk of getting caught islow:In our life and in every society you can find some peoplewho don’t like or don’t follow the laws and rules, and they can find internet asafe place and a place that have less-risk for doing a crime and don’t getcaught.-There are thousands of criminals who uses internet fortheir criminal activities, frequently nobody of them get caught or arrested, asthey are doing the same thing from long time and have experience in how doing acrime without mistakes.APA: Grimes,R.A.

(2014,August05).5 reasons internet crimeis worse than ever.Retrieved from : https://www.csoonline.

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com/article/2608631/security/5-reasons-internet-crime-is-worse-than-ever.html. 2-Teenagers:They don’t have much experience or skills, young people whoare between 13-26 years’ old who are using social media and internet, want tobe in the spotlight and popular between their family, friends or classmates.They don’t know that their activities are causing damage for the whole society.For example: In February, 2000 number of teenagers destroyed and damaged anumber of important electronic trading servers, which causes a huge loss anddisappointment for companies.

They likely be interesting in creating viruses and sharingit, and when they get old enough they understand the disadvantages of theiractivities and get interested in other things and stop criminal activities.APA: Wan,S.(2014,August07).The causes of cyber-crime andthe effect of cyber crime.Retrieved from : https://prezi.

com/srqxdk-xfode/the-causes-of-cyber-crime-and-the-effect-of-cyber-crime/. 3-Loss of evidenceWhen any crime happen people are responsible to solve theissue look for helpful evidence which can lead to any sign can help finding thecriminals, but in any cyber-crime the data or information about the crime candeleted or removed in many easy ways. By losing the data there will be noevidences can lead to the criminal. Losing data about cyber-crime is a popularissue that close the doors for chasing criminals and keep them free.APA:Bandakanavar,R.

(2017,August30).Causes of cybercrime and Preventive Measures.Retrievedfrom  https://krazytech.

com/technical-papers/cyber-crime. 4-Financial Reasons:It is almost the only purpose for any type of crime isgetting or stealing money and being rich without working. Hackers find beingbehind the network less dangerous and has less risk, and they get a hugefinancial benefits from their activities. Some of them are looking for lowbenefits by virus’s advertisement viruses and others are looking for highrewards by hacking online bank accounts.APA: Mercer,E.(n.

d).Causes of cyber crime.Rerieved December06,2017, from

html. What did I learn:-Cybercrime has less risk than other types of crimes, socriminals feel safe from getting caught.-Teenagers tries criminal activities related with internedto be famous and popular between people and make like a challenge between thefriends.-Evidence about cybercrime can destroyed easily, andgovernment and police who are meant to chase the criminals and solve theproblem find a large problem without evidence.-Most of the cybercrimes are causing for gaining andstealing money by different ways with low risk and high rewards. 


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