In the fast paced modern life, it had become almost equally complex to maintain road safety. Engineers and other authorities have come across many issues regarding safety of county roads. Similar case that had been analyzed in this paper is about the Verdant Country Commission (VCRC). This paper is a case analysis recommending some of the engineering and construction techniques that would help engineers regarding road safety.

Case Presentation

The Forest drive had recently became the centre of attraction as the Verdant County’s population had been observed to be increasing rapidly. The increase in the population had been observed to be 30% in the past ten years according to the Verdant population statistics. The increase in population had automatically increased the levels of issue regarding road safety.

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Traffic had been considerably increasing that is directly proportional to the increase in population of Verdant County. Forest Drive had thus become one of the main roads that transfer the heavy traffic towards industrialized city of Verdant (Online Ethics). Verdant County Road Commission had assigned the responsibility to Kevin Clearing to solve the problem of Forest Drive as soon as possible.

The urgency to go about the problem is due to the increasing accidents by cars and incidents of wreckage of cars due to the lush green forests by road sides (Online Ethics).


Previously it had been noted that Mr. Kevin Clearings had proposed the plan to cut down the trees alongside the road because the roads had become quite small in width. At first the plan by Kevin Clearings were accepted by the company but due to the admission of law suit by citizen environmental group, his plan had been questioned by both media and VCRC. The citizen environmental group had come up with petition signed by 150 citizens along with the protests that had been news from quite a long time (Online Ethics). Many media persons and other social workers had claimed that it is due to the carelessness of the drivers that the roads are now being considered as small in width.

The opposing groups have been claiming that VCRC must make sure that the driving rules and speed is being checked by the authorities rather than suggesting the cut down of trees which would be decline for natural habitat (National Academy of Engineering) It is clear from the above noted case that the problem will continue to grow until or unless the trees are not being cut down. It is suggested that Kevin Clearings make use of the civil engineering theories that recommend engineers to keep a saturation flow values in situations such as Forest Drive in the chosen case. The traffic in 3.5 meter wide road needs mapping that would allow landscaping as well as activities of pedestrians. It is also to be made sure by planning of Kevin Clearing that he considers the prospects of driving rules and regulations (Turner and Haraharp).

The county governing authorities must file law suits against the drivers and not just amount as a fine. The mapping and modeling of Forest Drive must undertake accurate saturation flow values to manage the increasing Verdant traffic. The citizen environment group also needs to understand that the road safety is far more important than the safety of animals and habitants. The cutting of trees could easily be replaced with landscaping which could be considered in the new modeling of Forest Drive.

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