Customer feedbacks are most valuable to any business. We provide ourservices to the customers and it’s important for us to know whether they arehappy or not with the services they received. Any business who promptly asks for customer feedbacks and properlyhandles them, definitely earns the customer’s trust.

According to (Chron, n.d.), the customer’sfeedback gathered from surveys help the business to improvise in the quality oftheir services and enable them to come up with some good products as per thecustomer’s requirement. (Ross, 2014)Talks about the importance of customer feedback to any business.

According tohim customer feedback helps business in six different ways like;  ·        Helpimprove the quality of the product or services.·        It is oneof the best ways to measure the customer satisfaction.·        It enablesto take prompt actions in order to get better customer approach.·        Customerretention is possible with good customer services.

·        The datareceived via feedbacks can help in coming up with effective business decisions.·        It can beused to identify the areas where more customer satisfaction is required. Gathering customer feedback is another challenge that any businessfaces. It’s difficult to prompt customers to provide feedback on the productsthat they have utilized. (Zajdo, 2017),talks about some of the best ways to collect feedback from the customers; ·        Live Chat Supports with feedback sessions: This is one of the best services that can beoffered to the customers. Their problems or queries can be noted and addressedinstantly with a live chat. Once done customers can be asked to provide afeedback about the services.·         Feedbackform on the website: Providingcustomers with a proper, easy to use feedback form on the website would help ingetting their views about the services.

·        Email Surveys: Sending survey emailsto the customers and asking them to provide a feedback can be another way toknow what their perception is about your services.·        Call and ask for feedback: By giving a personal touch, you can directlycall up the supplier after a certain period of business and ask for their viewsabout your services.·        Social network: Keeping a habit of monitoring the socialnetworks and following the views of different people is beneficial. This wouldhelp in knowing the current business position.·        Feedback form while confirming order online: This can include questions like whether thecustomer faced any problems with the website while shopping, or did he find theactual product that he was looking for, was he happy with the discounts offeredin your website and so on.·        Conducting Poll: Polls can be used to get feedback from thecustomers. You may conduct a poll on your website or may send emails to thecustomers.

·        Empty Cart: Existing customers can be asked the reason for their empty carts. Theycan be informed about various discounts available and asked to let you know ifthey are unhappy about any of the services which are holding them back inshopping with you again.·        Online Forum: Creating forums on your website and socialnetworks are beneficial to have direct virtual contact with the customers andask for their feedback to help you serve them even better in future.·        Other website feedbacks: You may also monitor public forums and blogs toknow if any of an unsatisfied customer has raised his grievances in suchforums. If yes, you may contact the customer and get his issues solved.

Thiswould help you retain the customer back. There are still many other ways that would help you to get some greatfeedback from your customers to help you utilize them to the fullest indeveloping and improving your services. Get in touch with us and we would helpin promoting your customers to provide you a genuine feedback.


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