One might ask, “What is curiosity?” Curiosity is an observable feeling, usually portrayed by people and some specific animals and appears like a force that drives them into knowing, meeting, or seeing new things. It arouses their emotional behaviour. Though claims are that it killed the cat, it has been proved that, it is the force behind all scientific inventions.

It has brought about the most expensive and interesting discoveries by both scientists and artists. It is a natural trait whose signs become evident right from birth when a baby shows the desire to explore not only its mother, but also anything within its proximity. Any trait is categorised based on its impact to the individual and the entire society. Though it cannot be wholly supported by all, majority will go for it owing to its position in the global technology. Based on these expositions, I believe curiosity, is a character that needs to be grown and developed in the minds of all people who believe that they can be great.

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The desire for knowledge serves as the root cause of curiosity.

Straight from childhood to old age, there is always a visible yearning depicted by all people and some categories of animals. A child will crawl or cry as an expression of its want for something while old people will always be questioning themselves about nature, demanding to know why it has to deprive them of the energy to carry out various jobs. This is none but curiosity. Another cause of curiosity is the urge to satisfy ones senses. The need to see, hear, touch, among others, has been proved to arouse ones desire, forcing him/her to satisfy them. Practically, when people get rumours about something, be it a funny place, an interesting story, or a weird animal, they desire to actualise the rumours. If it calls for them to see, in order to be satisfied, they must see failure to which an unmet requirement is registered in the person’s mind. He/she will be experiencing some sort of a force or an inner voice telling him/her to rise up for that need.

This has to do with nothing else, but curiosity.

Importance of curiosity

One of the major areas curiosity serves a vital role is education. Its contribution towards the performance of students is quite significant. It has become so crucial that some colleges have opted to introduce it as subject compulsory to every student.

Through it, learners have made long steps as far as inventions are concerned. Moreover, it serves as a motivational tool by learners. For instance, if ones teacher is a professor, he/she feels motivated and wants to experience the feeling of professors.

He/she opts to know the steps the fellow followed into achieving such a high level of education. In their minds, learners create imaginary figures that act as role models whom they desire to take after, given the time and opportunity. By so doing, they end up boosting education status through their curiosity. In addition, curiosity plays a major role in nurturing patience. As the claim goes, where there is patience, there is payment. This stands out in people who desire to be, or to own something that takes time before it happens.

For instance, a young boy hoping to become a pilot has to develop patience within him because, he has to wait until he gets what it takes, for one to be a pilot and this calls for a serious view of education as the only way through. Hence, curiosity is a trait, crucial in education and cannot be avoided. Another crucial importance of curiosity is that, it engages ones mind, making him/her active rather than passive. It has been proved that where there is activity of the mind, there is God’s dwelling place. It also makes ones mind alert of new ideas and methods of doing things. This is so because whoever is curious, he/she is ever learning day by day. It opens up the mind of people making them believe in the possibility of everything they do. It also plays a key role in boosting ones enjoyment.

Those who are curious are ever enjoying the interests of what they encounter everyday. The human mind is always welcoming when it comes to new ideas or things. Therefore, the fact that curiosity makes one learn new things on a daily basis, it is clear that he/she is always joyful.

In conclusion, Curiosity can overturn the world in terms of inventions and developments. Owing to what it has done for the few who developed it before, it stands out as a character that needs to be acquired by all, who believe in living up to the top of their dreams.


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