“Curiosity” is the greatest gift I was born with. Since my childhood, I was seeing Mother Nature in my own way. The phenomenon and working of nature was magical to my eyes.

As I was taking my primary education, I came to realize that what I thought was magic were just illusions whose mechanisms can be explained by science. I was beginning to realize that science is the key to understand the mechanism behind the working of nature. Physics became my favorite subject among the sciences since it was the solution to my curiosity about the nature. During my secondary education, I used to go to the public library every weekend to read articles about physics in weekly magazines. After seeing my interest, my father subscribed to physics journals for me during my high school education. I started reading about physicists and their contributions towards the science community. Among them, I considered “Albert Einstein” as my “Role Model”. Among his works, I admired “The Special Theory of Relativity” and “The General Theory of Relativity” the most.

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  During my Pre-University course, I was one of the top 1% of the students from our institution selected to attend “DST-INSPIRE” camp.  During my 7 days camp,  I was able to listen to 28 lectures delivered by experienced professors and scientists from all over the country.  I was also exposed to practical which honed my skills and helped me to understand the concepts better. Among these lectures, the astrophysics lecture delivered by “Dr. K. Radhakrishnan”, Former ISRO Chairman impressed and inspired me the most. He also trained us on how to use radio telescope, which was truly mesmerizing.

From then onwards I decided to pursue my career in the astrophysics field. In Pre-University final board exam I scored 96 in Physics and 99 in Electronics out of 100. Overall I scored 88.5%. After my Pre-University education, I came across a notification in newspaper about the new research oriented course BS (4 years) in Bangalore University. Because of my merit, I was admitted with scholarship in the institution. The structure of the course was well-organized. We were exposed to more practical rather than just theory.

So we were able to gain more laboratory skills by performing experiments. Due to administrative technical reasons, after my two years in the course, the students of our batch were merged with third year BSc course for continuing education. Although I was disappointed in this turn in events I was determined to pursue my career in research field.  In BSc, I participated in an Inter-University Physics fest “Eureka” conducted by Christ University.  Here I won silver in “The Battle of Scientists” competition. I conducted Intra-College Quiz Competition in our institution. I also delivered a lecture on “Black Holes” based on “The Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity” in our institution.

  Astrophysics has always been my passion since the night I saw a shooting star in the sky as a child. Since then, the urge to understand the formation of stars, galaxies and their evolution has kept me going. I am currently leading the project team of 8 members. We are planning to do a mini-project on NuStar by analysing the data received from it. We will start our work on this mini-project from February 28th 2015. I am very much keen to sharpen my theoretical skills in Astrophysics and take up fundamental research in the areas of formation of celestial bodies, their energetics and dynamics. My stress will be on utilization of the new knowledge through research to solve energy related problems of humanity. I am very confident that I can achieve some break-through in this field through my persistent efforts and hard work.

  The MSc course in Physics (EuroMasters) offered by “Queen Mary University of London” suits my needs. In this course, the Astrophysics pathway focuses and gives unique importance to study the relativistic astrophysics and stellar structure and its evolution. I am interested in the research interests of “Prof. Jim Emerson” since it involves the study of Formation of Stars and Survey Astronomy.

The inspiration given to students at the institute would provide me with an ideal platform for achieving my goals. Armed with the excellence and experience gained from studying in Queen Mary University, I plan on further pursuing a PhD and contributing to the research community in the future. I look upon this as an avenue to hone my skills and help me reach the peak of my scientific career.I am hardworking, scrupulous and sincere by nature with a strong penchant for learning. I derive satisfaction from hard work and firmly believe that dedication, deference and diligence are the surest means of reaping the benefits. I hope you find my purpose definitive and I fit in to your image of a promising student.

I look forward to pursue my academic career with your programme. 


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