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Recently the United States has beenundergoing dramatic changes in their population demographics. As thedemographics evolve in the US, so do the qualifications necessary for Speech LanguagePathologists to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. We must prepare theSpeech Language Pathologists of the future to accommodate for diversity byteaching them to be culturally aware, to be motivated

In the sense of human rights for women.

 In the article “The Case for Contamination”Many people who advocate for the preservation of cultures are establishing adisservice to the progress of women’s rights. Kwame analyzes the many ways howthe world is becoming more and more globalized. “Contamination” is his definitionis all of the new innovative values and traditions that’re destroying what ourancestors left behind

Over issues of diversity, culture, language, sensitivity and

Over thelast few decades, population mobility and movement from one country to another hasresulted in linguistic and cultural diversity being much more visible.  Many European countries having in recentdecades welcomed moderate population migrations, now have an increasinglymulticultural populace (Dobbernack & Modood, 2011; Turton & Gon?alez, 2000).This increase in visibility has, for many, been seen as


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