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Grierson (1983) argued that cinema provided a tool for changing opinions and fictional film was an informational and educational tool. Aitken said ‘Grierson also argued the effective, socially purposive cinema must provide models for social action’.(1990, p.98). Stephen Tallents, a civil servant that was appointed in 1928 to run the Empire Marketing Board shared Griersons

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With Anti- war protests, Civil Rights movements and the Women’s Liberation Movement, the US was in an immense transitional period during the 1960’s which caused the social shifts amongst the population’s attitudes. The Woman’s Liberation Movement, also known as Second Wave Feminism, reached its zenith of controversy and popularity in the mid-seventies reinforcing equal opportunities

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  From this it is clear that the ideal community only functions if women are in control as they are the ones that bring “isolated and disparate individuals in to the community or family; they organise its rituals; they transmit its values and spin the web of gossip through which is continually renewed. “(51) It is


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