Courtesy: Pinterest Thinking Of The Box Who could forget Janet Jackson’s look from the Poetic Justice in the 90sm1 ‘s? Or our box braid babes – Beyonce, Zoe Kravitz and Tia Mowry flaunting this style! From Ol’ school chic to the new school drama, the square-parted braids are one of the evergreen hairstyles that are here to stay. Here’s everything you need to know about the low-maintenance Box Braids.

Let’s get going!   1. Before You Start Start by deciding if you are going for a thick look, like Janet Jackson or for smaller braids. If you have fine hair, opt for a hairstyle you are comfortable carrying around as you would not want the braids to add up a lot of weight. You can check out (product name) as the volume of these braids supports multiple hairstyles.  2. Getting ’em Ready Courtesy: Un-ruly Now that you have decided what style you are going for, you are almost there! According to experts, relaxing your hair right before you get braids is not recommended as it might cause pulling or even breakage at the root.

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Before you get started with braiding, make sure you, detangle, shampoo and deep condition your hair to make sure it is clean. Once you are done with the cleaning and conditioning, you’re all set to get braiding!  3.  The Process Courtesy: Pinterest Deciding on doing the box braids yourself could take you through various rounds of doubts and overconfidence. But hey, it’s not THAT difficult.

Start with sectioning your dry locks into four parts. For each section you have to get your hair in four even squares. Part your hair in small and starting from the first section, from pinches and start braiding your hair. Continue to braid the entire section from the root to the tip. Make sure that all your parts are even and straight, giving a look of individual tiny boxes. Keep continuing that for all the sections. Also check that your box braids are not too tight or pulling your scalp, causing any kind of discomfort.

It might cause a lot of stress on the hair, leading to thinning. As said, good things take time, it’ll be all worth it once you see the final look.  4. Keep up with the hair care Courtesy: Elle One of the biggest misconceptions about braiding your hair is that you do not need to maintain it regularly. Nah ah sista! They may be low-maintenance, but not maintenance free. To keep the style as is and not end up with dreadlocks, make sure you clean your scalp and keep it moisturised.

(Product name) will help you keeping the look spot on and avoid dryness and breakage of your natural hair.    Worried about how to wash your braids? Checkout How To Wash Braids


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