Could there possibly be a pill, or a “magic bullet” that could cure or eliminate the psychosis and mood swings of bipolar disorder, or the cognitive difficulties and unpredictable delusions of schizophrenia? When discussing the topic of the treatment of mental disorders, in my opinion I do not believe that their will be a “miracle pill” or “therapy or treatment program” that will be able to wipe out mental disorders. Disorders and illnesses such as Polio, smallpox, syphilis, and other diseases/disorders of the body are much different from diagnosis that are related to mental disorders. In a hypothetical issue of the idea of a cure for mental illness, Dr. Thomas R Insel MD, compares the situation of a potential cure for mental illness of that of the current situation with HIV/AIDS treatment (Seager, 2014).

“Recent advances, primarily in Antiretroviral Therapy (ART), has changed AIDS from a certain death sentence to a treatable chronic illness with a near-normal life expectancy.” Although, despite this treatment, 75% of people whom are infected with the HIV virus do not have complete access to the treatment, or end the treatment before being cured due to side effects, cost, or because they don’t “feel” ill anymore” (Seager, 2014). In relation the the topic of a cure for mental illness, I feel that if there were to be a magic pill to cure mental illnesses this 75% barrier would also be true regarding treatment for mental illness. In most cases, the people who are mentally ill don’t believe that they are ill nor that they need treatment, therefore many times it is refused by them.

Also if there were to be a new drug to cure this illness, it would most likely be very expensive, and out of many peoples budget. Mental illness also varies from multiple diagnosis and disorders, making it seem even more unlikely that there is a chance of a possible cure for each one with a said “miracle pill”. However, I do believe that we can suppress a person’s mental illness state through the use of effective therapeutic techniques regarding the particular illness.

In my opinion, I think that the treatment for mental illness will probably not advance to a complete cure, however I do believe that psychiatrists, therapists, and  more advanced therapies can help in the process of treating a mental illness. There are also many medications such as antipsychotic medications that are effective in relieving or eliminating psychotic symptoms such as delusions, visions, and hallucinations. However, these medications can not cure mental illnesses permanently, but does help reduce some of the symptoms. All in all, I believe that there will be advances in new techniques of therapeutic healing and medications that will arise in the near future benefiting a person with a mental disorder, however I do not believe there will be a cure to the complexity of mental disorders anytime soon.



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