Conventional Computing uses sequential processing and works on Machine learning and statistical Analysis while the Intelligent Computing has the ability to do many tasks at the same time.

Conventional Computing works on the basis of a predefined set of rules and code while Intelligent Computing can work on images, pictures, sounds, light sensors etc.Conventional Computing cannot always process the data perceived by the real world by the sensors (like CAMERAS, RADAR, LIDAR in automated cars) but Intelligent Computing can easily manage and process such large data in real time to do tasks efficiently.Conventional Computing is stored and processed at a particular hardware there may or may not be a need of internet to access files but in case of Intelligent Computing the files or source data may be located on remote servers and it may require a high-speed internet to work accordingly (A Mars rovers collect and send data to earth, data is physically stored here on earth in case if rover gets destroyed the data will remain safe).A Conventional Intelligent machine can only work within the set of predefined rules but An Intelligent machine can have the ability to perceive things and act rationally to achieve the goals and learn about the efficiency of the output produced by it with the help of a critic within itself, just like human beings.

Intelligent machines can make decisions on its own.Conventional machines can only make decision based on its programming and act within its constraints but an Intelligent machine can make decision by learning from other environmental factors it maybe human beings, animals or any other objects in the real world. These decisions are based on logical, moral or philosophical arguments as learned from the external environment not from its program.In Conventional Computing, the best possible option is sought and the machine acts accordingly, but in case of an Intelligent Computing machine is developed to learn and improve answers/solutions every time.

The efficiency of the past solutions is determined then the best solution is selected.How to decide if an answer is intelligent?An answer is said to be Intelligent by determining the-:· Rational thinking of machine.· Efficiency of the current and past solutions for same problem.· How effective our solution is when it is implied on our problem in real world.· The accuracy of the solution given by the machine.· If the solution is given on some kind of reasoning and planning.Difference between solution provided by a utility agent and an Intelligent learning agent:Utility agents compare the solutions to the requirement and choose the best possible answer available while learning agents use its learning capabilities to distinguish between different solution applies logical and rational thinking to decide which will be a more better option if many of the solutions will have the same impact on the environment and will do the same task in different ways.


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